Lord of the Rings Watch-a-thon Live Blog

July 2, 2011


Check back here throughout the day as Ben and Matt live blog their experience of watching all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings back to back to back!!!


Fellowship of the Ring

07:41AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 0:00 And so it begins! After weeks of talking about it we are about to begin The Lord of the Rings Watch-a-Thon!

Matt: Hobbit Holes… Here we come…

Ben: Much that once was, was lost. For none now live who remember


07:44AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 03:00

Matt: I already feel like we’ve gotten extended scenes

Ben: We haven’t

Matt: I feel like we have


07:51AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 08:00

Matt: Whoops, my Wheaties got soggy!


07:51AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 11:26

Matt:  I just realized this morning, that the Hobbits live in Middle Earth, and in Norse mythology, Earth is called Midgard…woah…Thor.

Ben: huh?

7:59AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 16:15

Matt: Is this a Hobbit hole?!

Ben: Yep

Matt: Oh!!


8:04AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 21:35



8:06AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 23:00

Matt: Bilbo isn’t very nice. I don’t think I want to watch a whole movie about him


8:12AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 29:20

(after Bilbo drops the Ring on the ground)

Matt: Whoa, it didn’t bounce!

Ben: Were you expecting it to?


8:15AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 32:00

Frodo: I don’t understand

Gandalf: Neither do I

Ben: That’s probably because of all the pipeweed


8:22AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 39:30

Matt: This is just like Harry Potter!

Ben: (gives Matt a very dirty look)


8:29AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 45:48

Matt (after pulling out his Greek flashcards): outos…

Ben: Yeah, you need to be reading those only in your head


8:30AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 47:00

Matt: Is that Sauron?

Ben: No, that’s Saruman

Matt: They should have made their names so similar. They should have called him Tauruman


8:38AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 55:00

Matt: They’re just like the soul eaters!

Ben: If you’re going to compare it to Harry Potter, at least get the Harry Potter name right

Matt: They’re not called soul eaters?

Ben: Nope


8:40AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 57:00

Matt: If the blackriders had mermaids on their side they wouldn’t be in this predicament

Ben: That might be the single dumbest comment I’ve ever heard


8:41AM CST, FOTR Disc 1 58:00

Peter Jackson cameo #1!!


8:43AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  1:00:00

One hour down, ten to go!


8:50AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  1:07:00

Pippin: What about second breakfast?

Matt (very excited): I have second breakfast!!


8:51AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  1:08:00

(Aragon returns to camp with a dead stag)

Matt: Does this have anything to do with House Baratheon?


8:56AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:12:56

Matt: You and I would do really well if we were on the run

Ben: We’d probably be dead

Matt: What? We wouldn’t be dead!

Ben: You think we could survive against Nazgul?

Matt: I’m assuming that we’re on the run on earth

Ben: Oh

Matt: Though I’m not saying the nine kings still wouldn’t be after us


9:00AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  1:17:00

Matt: I’m really hungry cause my Mini Wheets got soggy

Ben: Go get a snack. You brought like 20 bags of popcorn

Matt: Oh yeah


9:09AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:25:30

Gandalf: There is only one Lord of the Ring

Matt: Hey, that’s the name of the whole trilogy!!!


9:10AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:26:40

Elrond: Welcome to Rivendell-

Ben: …Mr Anderson


9:13AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:29:00

(after a close up shot of the ring)

Matt: They keep doing that same shot

Ben: Out of eleven hours of movie, nine of them are closeups of the Ring


9:15AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:31:00

Matt: NED!!!


9:16AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:32:00

(after reading Dave’s comment below “Gandor, mortal enemy to the mighty Ring Bear. 😉 LOL”)

Ben: I’m going to reply to Dave and say you keep asking me when the Ring Bear is going to show up

Matt: Don’t, I’ve said enough dumb things already!


9:17AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:33:00

Matt: He looks young

Ben: Who, Ned… I mean Boromier


9:21AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:37:30

Just took advantage of a Peter Jackson Potty Break AKA an Aragorn and Arwen love scene


9:23AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:38:00

Matt: Grimly!

Ben: Gimli?

Matt: No, Grimly. Right?

Ben: Nope


9:26AM CST, FOTR Disc 1   01:42:09

According to Ned, “One does not simply walk into Mordor”


9:28AM CST, FOTR Disc 1  01:43:30

Matt: Did you see how much nose sweat Frodo has?


9:33AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 0:00

Disc 1 is done! Time for Fellowship of the Ring part 2!


9:37AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  04:00

Matt: It’s called Riverdale?

Ben: Rivendell

Matt: Riverdale? Like the shopping area in Coon Rapids?

Ben: Nope


9:38AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  04:50

Matt: I remember this from the Burger King commercial… They sold cups!


9:40AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  07:30

Matt: Oh no! They didn’t bring their snowpants!


9:48AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  15:00

(as Pippin and Merry throws rocks into the water)

Matt: These guys are morons. Now the alligator is going to get them… or the mermaids


9:52AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  20:00

Matt: My shirt is so soft, I love it! I love the material TeeFury uses! Can I touch yours?

Ben: No

Matt: Is it from TeeFury?

Ben: No

Matt: Where’s it from?

Ben: Woot


9:54AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 22:00

Matt: Is that Ian McKellen’s real nose?

Ben: Yes

Matt: I’m pretty sure it’s not. It looks fatter than usual

Ben: I’m googling it

one google search later…

Ben: You are right!

Matt: Put that on the blog!


10:02AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  28:00

Matt: What’s a Took?

Ben: That’s his last name. Pippin Took

Matt: Pippin took what?


10:09AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  35:00

Matt: Wait, what are those things?

Ben: Orcs

Matt: They can crawl upside down like that?

Ben: Apparently so

Matt: Oh my gosh, they have Spider-man powers!


10:13AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  39:00

Matt: All these years that staircase has been there and the one time they need it to work it cracks in half


10:15AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  41:10



10:16AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  42:15

Ben: Worst archers ever

Matt: Didn’t even nick ’em!


10:20AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  45:30

Matt: Is that him?

Ben: Who? The Flight of the Conchords guy?

Matt: yeah

Ben: No, I told you he’ll be on in like 6 hours! He’s in Return of the King. Does this look like Return of the King yet?


10:21AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  46:30

Matt: Every time I hear Legolas I think of legos


10:29AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  55:00

Matt: Just like Narnia. She’s bad

Ben: She’s not bad

Matt: White Witch!

Ben: She’s not a witch


10:33AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  58:30

Matt: Don’t tell me everything that happens in Return of the King because I don’t remember that one exactly

Ben: Ok

Matt: well, I don’t remember any of them exactly

Ben: I kinda picked up on that


10:45AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:06:00

Matt: Live long and prosper

Ben: Why are you quoting Star Trek?

Matt: Galadrial waved her hand like Spock

Ben: No she didn’t

Matt: She did a little bit


10:49AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 01:10:45

Ben: Boromier wouldn’t have trusted Littlefinger

Matt: Totally


11:01AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:22:00

Matt: Who’s blowing the horn? Ned?

Ben: Yep

Matt: How did he have time to blow the horn while in battle?

(Very next shot if of Boromier doing exactly that)

Matt: Oh. Like that


11:03AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:23:30

Poor Sean Bean


11:04AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:24:30

(as Merry and Pippin are carried off)

Matt: I think they need some trees to help them


11:07AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:27:30

Boromier (to Aragorn): I would have followed you my brother

Matt: I don’t think so. You tried to steal the ring


11:09AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 01:30:00

Matt: Obi Wan

Ben: What?

Matt: That was Obi Wan

Ben: No it wasn’t

Matt: Gandalf was speaking to Frodo after he died. Just like Obi Wan

Ben: That was a memory

Matt: Kind of. It was kind of a memory


11:12AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 01:32:00

Ben: I drank too much tea. I have to pee again

Matt: Oh no!

Ben: It’s not that big of a tragedy

Matt: No, I meant Boromier going over the waterfall

Ben: Oh

Matt: That’s a terrible use of a boat. I’m just say’n


11:13AM CST, FOTR Disc 2  01:33:30

Aragorn: If we hold true to each other

Matt (pretending to be Gimli): I don’t know what that means!


01:14AM CST, FOTR Disc 2 01:35:00

Fellowship of the Ring is done!! Onto The Two Towers but first a brief break


The Two Towers

11:30AM CST, TTT Disc 1  0:00

The Two Towers begins now!


01:32AM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:20

Matt: Giant birds are so useful! I was just thinking about that. What a mess there would have been without the giant bird

Ben: But on the other hand giant birds would make a pretty big mess on their own

Matt: Good point


01:33AM CST, TTT Disc 1 02:30

Gandalf: Fly you fools!

Matt: That’s a hint that he’s about to fall onto a giant bird

Ben: He doesn’t fall onto the bird

(seconds later)

Matt: He falls into the water! No wonder he survives


11:42AM CST, TTT Disc 1  10:30

Matt: He’s gonna turn into a zombie!

Ben: Who, Sam?

Matt: Gollum bit him!


01:47AM CST, TTT Disc 1 12:30

(as Frodo chooses to trust Gollum)

Matt: He’s pulling a Ned!


11:50AM CST, TTT Disc 1  15:30

(as the orcs pour suspicious liquid into Merry’s mouth)

Matt: What do you think that was?

Ben: Just some bad crap

Matt: Oil probably

Ben: I don’t think it was oil


11:53AM CST, TTT Disc 1  19:00

Legolas: They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Matt: No! Not Isengard!


11:54AM CST, TTT Disc 1  20:00

(as Saruman’s forces destroy more trees)

Matt: Oh no! Not this again! I bet all the liberal activists had a fit about this

Ben: Why? He’s evil

Matt: So?

Ben: It’s like a pro tree message!!


11:55AM CST, TTT Disc 1  21:00

Orc to Saruman: We don’t have enough fuel to feed the fire!

Matt: I’m givin’ it all she’s got cap’n!!!


11:55AM CST, TTT Disc 1  21:30

Peter Jackson cameo #2!


11:56AM CST, TTT Disc 1 22:00

Matt: This kid should have his own movie… set in the future!


12:00PM CST, TTT Disc 1  25:00

Matt: Creepy guy with evil eyes! Can’t trust him!


12:02PM CST, TTT Disc 1  27:00

Wormtongue: This order comes from the king. He signed it this morning

Matt: hmmm, something suspicious about that signature


12:12PM CST, TTT Disc 1  37:00

(as Aragorn tracks Merry and Pippin)

Matt: How does he do this?

Ben: He’s just that good

Matt: At tracking?

Ben: Yeah

Matt: Like Kate! And Locke!

Ben: No


12:14PM CST, TTT Disc 1  39:30

Pippin (hanging on Treebeard while Merry is almost killed by an orc): Merry!

Matt: Pippin’s the worst! He just sits there!


12:26PM CST, TTT Disc 1  50:00

Ben: Now that the nazgul have taken flight they’re probably like, “take that mermaids!”


12:29PM CST, TTT Disc 1  52:30

(as Gandalf the White shows up)

Matt: Jesus?


12:31PM CST, TTT Disc 1  54:00

Gandalf: I threw down my enemy and smote him on the mountainside

Ben: Smote is one of the greatest words of all time


12:34PM CST, TTT Disc 1  57:00

Aragorn to Gandalf: In one thing you have not changed my friend. You still speak in riddles!

Matt (as Gandalf): Who are you again?


12:41PM CST, TTT Disc 1   01:04:00

(upon seeing two more trolls at the Black Gate)

Matt: Oh no! Not more of those guys!

Ben: Did you think the one in the cave was the only one?

Matt: No but you said it was a cave troll

Ben: It was

Matt: So this is a bridge troll?

Ben: No…

Matt: Using your logic it would be. If there was one here you’d say it was a house troll

Ben: No. The one in the cave was a cave troll. These are just regular trolls

Matt: So the only adjective you can attach to a troll is cave?

Ben: I guess

Matt: What if there was one on a tree. Would that be a tree troll?

Ben: How would a troll fit in a tree?

Matt: Not in a tree. Like on top of one

Ben: A tree couldn’t support a troll’s weight


12:45PM CST, TTT Disc 1   01:07:20

Merry: I could really use a whiff of Old Tobey

Matt: A whiff of Old Tobey?

Ben: Pipeweed

Matt: Really?

Ben: It’s like tobacco not marijuana

Matt: Oh. I thought it was a person


12:53PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:16:00

Matt: What’s that guy’s name

Ben: Grima Wormtongue

Matt: Wormtongue? That’s a clue

Ben: I know, right. Who takes advice from someone named Wormtongue?


1:01PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:23:30

(after Aragorn stops Theoden from killing Wormtongue)

Ben: That would be Aragorn’s “Ned” moment


1:07PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:29:00

Rohiram Captain: We’ll make for Helm’s Deep!

Matt: Oh! Helm’s Deep! There’s a battle there! The Battle of Helm’s Deep… right?


1:08PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:30:00

Matt: I love Gandalf. And Aragorn. And I love Pegasus

Ben: Um… do you know it’s real name?

Matt: White Horse!

Ben: Nope

Matt: What is it?

Ben: Shadowfax

Matt: Like, I’m faxing you this document?


1:09PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:31:00

(as Aragorn saddles his horse)

Matt: Is he speaking a little elf action to this horse?


1:10PM CST, TTT Disc 1  01:32:00

Aragorn (referring to his horse): Turn this fellow free. He’s seen enough of war

Matt: Turn him free? He’ll be lonely! What’s he gonna do?

Ben: Probably die


1:30PM CST, TTT Disc 2 0:00

3 discs down, 3 to go!


1:45PM CST, TTT Disc 2  14:00

(after Aragorn falls off a cliff)

Matt: I predict he lives!

Ben: Good guess

Matt: No one’s saying anything nice about him. Like “He’s a nice guy. He was a great ranger.”


1:48PM CST, TTT Disc 2  17:00

Matt: How’s he gonna get into Helm’s Deep? Oh! I know! He’ll use the secret river entrance!

Ben: Who? Aragorn?

Matt: Yep

Ben: He’s just going to walk through the front door

Matt: No. Secret river entrance!


1:49PM CST, TTT Disc 2  18:00

Wormtongue to Saruman: My Lord that would take tens of thousands. There is no such force!

(He walks outside and see thousands of orcs)

Matt: How could he have missed that many soldiers?! Didn’t he walk through the front door?

Saruman to orcs: A new power is arising!

Matt (as orcs): WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! SPEAK UP!


1:52PM CST, TTT Disc 2  22:00

Matt: I wonder if Peter Jackson will make a live action Lord of the Rings tv show

Ben: Why would he do that?

Matt: You know, to stick it to George Lucas


1:53PM CST, TTT Disc 2  23:00

Matt: Why can’t they make Aragorn immortal?

Ben: He’s not an elf

Matt: Can’t they just give him some elf juice?


1:54PM CST, TTT Disc 2  24:00

(as Elrond explains to Arwen how Aragorn will die before her if they marry)

Matt: She could just get remarried


1:56PM CST, TTT Disc 2  26:00

Matt: I think Arwen’s making the right choice to leave Middle Earth. Cause it’s like she gets to go Elf Village, right?

Ben: Not really. It’s symbolic of them going to Heaven

Matt: What? This is a horrible idea! They’re all going to go die and go to Heaven? Elrond is the worst dad ever! He’s like Dr. Kevorkian


2:04PM CST, TTT Disc 2  33:40

Ben: It’s Walter and Ned! This is like a Game of Thrones/Fringe crossover!


2:17PM CST, TTT Disc 2 47:00

Aragorn: Their goal is to destroy the world of men

Matt: But not all the men are at Helm’s Deep

Ben: Well, it’s their overall goal. They’re just starting small

Matt: Oh that makes sense. You know what they say about how you eat an elephant

Ben: What do they say?

Matt: One bite at a time


2:19PM CST, TTT Disc 2  49:00

Theoden: Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?

Matt: Up north! Haven’t you looked at a map recently?

Ben: Actually it’s a bit southwest


2:22PM CST, TTT Disc 2  52:30

Matt: They have the dirtiest kids ever! Give them a bath! Doesn’t it ever rain in Rohan?


2:32PM CST, TTT Disc 2  1:00:30

Matt: they can probably just relax. Aren’t the orcs going to get a good night’s rest before the battle?

Ben: Likely not


2:34PM CST, TTT Disc 2  1:02:30

Matt: They should get the cave trolls out. Oh, I mean the marching trolls. Sorry, my mistake


2:39PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:07:30

Merry: Our friends are out there. They’ll die without us!

Matt: Live together, die alone!


2:42PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:10:40

Matt: If was them I would have raised my drawbridge

Ben: There’s no moat at Helm’s Deep

Matt: They should have prepared for something like this


2:47PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:15:10

Rohan soldier: Draw your swords!

Matt: You know what they need? Shields!


2:48PM CST, TTT Disc 2 01:16:00

Matt: You know who would make a good king? Aragorn!

Ben *dumbfounded stare*


2:49PM CST, TTT Disc 2 01:17:00

Matt: They should use their hooks to pull down the wall instead of climbing over it

Ben: I don’t think that would work

Matt: How do you know? It’s just a wall

Ben: It’s a freaking castle!


3:00PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:28:15

Matt: The orcs can’t be in the sun because their skin burns

Ben: No

Matt: Like vampires


3:01PM CST, TTT Disc 2 01:29:00

Theoden to Aragorn: Let this be the hour that we draw swords together

Matt: What has he been doing all night? Worst king ever!


3:02PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:30:00

(after an Ent is shot with a fire arrow)

Matt: Looks like they found the trees’ secret weakness!


3:16PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:44:45

Matt: So Sauran and Saruman don’t live in the same neighborhood

Ben: No

Matt: Ok. I got that now


3:17PM CST, TTT Disc 2  01:45:30

Frodo: Frodo wouldn’t have got very far without Sam

Matt: Creepy use of third person

Ben: Ben couldn’t do the podcast without Matt


Return of the King

3:27PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  0:00

One more to go! Time for Return of the King


3:28PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  1:00

Matt: Hey I know this guy. Michael something

Ben: Andy Serkis

Matt: Yep, Circus. Like clowns


3:36PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  9:00

Sam: The should be enough food

Frodo: For what?

Sam: The journey home

Matt: A little overconfident if you ask me


3:47PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  20:00

(after Eowyn and Aragorn share a drink)

Matt: uh oh, they’re married now. I saw this on Firefly


3:58PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  31:00

(as Pippin writhes in pain on the ground after looking into the Palantir)

Matt: He totally had this coming


4:02PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  35:00

Ben: I sense a spinoff buddy comedy here with Pippin and Gandalf

Matt: no


4:05PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  37:00

(looking at elves)

Matt: Targaryans

Ben: What?

Matt: Targaryans

Ben: Why do you keep saying that?

Matt: They all have white hair like the Targaryans


4:06PM CST, ROTK Disc 1 38:55

Bret McKenzie cameo!


4:20PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  53:00

(Gandalf coughs repeatedly well smoking)

Ben: Meanwhile Gandalf dies of lung cancer

Matt (singing): “Because I got high! Because I got high”


4:21PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  54:20

Peter Jackson cameo #3!


4:23PM CST, ROTK Disc 1 56:00

(Gollum leads Sam and Frodo into Minas Morgul)

Matt: If I was Sam I would really put my foot down. It’s like, “Ok, I heard him say he wants to kill us and now he’s leading us to a place called the dead city”

Ben: That’s a fair point


4:24PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  57:20

(As Minas Morgul shoots its signal into the air)

Matt: It’s like the Death Star. They’re trying to blow up Alderaan


4:31PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:03:00

Faramier: The’yre not coming from the north!

Matt: Assumptions lead to all sorts of orcs sneaking up on you. If they’d just look they could see them


4:34PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:07:11

(during the lighting of the beacons)

Matt: This will take them a while. It’s almost dark time

Ben: You mean night?


4:54PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:27:00

(as Sam, Frodo and Gollum fight while on the edge of a precipice)

Matt: Reminder, you’re on a cliff!


4:57PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:30:30

Gandalf: Your father loves you Faramier

Matt: Just not as much as he loves your brother


5:10PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:43:00

Eowyn to Aragorn: We need you here!

Matt (as Aragorn): I don’t even know your name. Quit following me


5:18PM CST, ROTK Disc 1 01:52:00

Ben and Matt simultaneously: Drum troll!!!


5:24PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:57:00



5:26PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  01:58:40

Matt: Pushing troll!


5:28PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  02:01:00

Matt: Rock troll!


5:28PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  02:01:30

Denathor: Theoden’s betrayed me

Matt: He’s on his way! Hold your horses… You could literally hold your horses back then.


5:32PM CST, ROTK Disc 1  02:04:40

Matt: They’re actually wearing hard hats like construction workers. Construction worker trolls!


5:41PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  0:00

Almost there! only one more disc to go!


5:48PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  06:00

Matt: Oh my gosh, just jump spread eagle into a web. Worst strategy ever!


5:51PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  10:00

Galadrial: This task is appointed to you Frodo. If you do not find a way no one will.

Matt: No pressure


5:56PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  14:50

Matt: Battle trolls!


5:57PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  16:00

Ben: At this point in the theaters all arachnaphobes were dying

Matt: I don’t like spiders but this doesn’t bother me


6:01PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  20:00

(as Sam tries to revive Frodo)

Matt: Give him the light juice

Ben: What juice?

Matt: The juice in the glass thing

Ben: That’s not juice. It’s a light

Matt: I think it was swishing around a bit

Ben: It wasn’t

Matt: I think it was light juice

Ben: No just light

Matt: A bit of light juice


6:11PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  29:30

(As Denathor prepares to set himself on fire)

Matt: Once he becomes on fire I don’t think he’ll be able to hold that pose


6:17PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  36:15

Matt: Hammer Troll


6:24PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  43:00

Matt: They don’t ever actually show the green guys doing anything. They’re just running in the background in every shot


6:25PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  44:00

Matt: Her name is Arrowyn?

Ben: Eowyn. We’ve had this same conversation about her name like 20 times

Matt: Aragorn’s two girlfriends have almost the same name


6:48PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:07:00

(Frodo attempts to drink the last of the water)

Ben: I’m not sure he actually got any of that into his mouth

Matt: Yeah, I see it all over his chin. Sam is like, “You just wasted all my water you huge jerk!”


7:01PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:20:00

(Sam bashes Gollum with a rock)

Matt: Smeagol can take a beating

Ben: When you’ve become a schizoid in a loin cloth what’s a rock to the head?


7:10PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:29:10

Matt: I don’t see them out running the lava

Ben: They had a mighty leap

Matt: A mighty leap?


7:23PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:42:00

Ben: Instant wedding

Matt: I guess there’s not much to choose from in The Shire so he did the best he could do


7:30PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:49:30

Matt: Best actor award goes to Charlie

Ben *gives Matt look of utter disgust*


7:35PM CST, ROTK Disc 2  01:53:50

And the credits are rolling! We did it! Be sure to look for our wrap up video and our latest podcast episode, both of which will cover our watch-a-thon

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18 comments on “Lord of the Rings Watch-a-thon Live Blog

  1. Namaste,

    We use to watch the LOTR movies marathon on Easter holidays, with all kids around. They ask for it and we conform. Still have to find a better movie than the LOTR. Curious about The Hobbit in the making…

    Happy watching and a Happy Fourth!

  2. Alyssa Jul 2, 2011

    this is pretty awesome. I haven’t watch LOTR in so long. Is it better in blu-ray?

  3. The blu ray is amazing!

  4. Gandor, mortal enemy to the mighty Ring Bear. 😉 LOL

  5. I just read your entire disc 1 comments- you guys crack me up . I agree. It’s the pipeweed.

  6. Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) is Fellowship as well. According to IMDB, he plays Elf at Council of Elrond.


    Here is an article about it and a screenshot:

  7. According to Ned, “One does not simply walk into Mordor”

    what about this:


  8. this is one of the best things you guys have ever done. lol. it reminds me of that twitter account that’s “Sh*tMyDadSays”. you guys should have one that’s “ThingsMattSaysInMovies” LOL

  9. colin Jul 2, 2011

    Well its going well Mats comments Are cracking me up

  10. colin Jul 2, 2011

    Ben must have the patience of Job, I like that Dave **** that Matt says lol

  11. colin Jul 2, 2011

    Ah the poor horse

  12. colin Jul 2, 2011

    Elf juice I wonder if Ben has told Matt of the downside of being an elf

  13. alyssa Jul 2, 2011

    worst strategy ever!

  14. Zamwyn Jul 4, 2011

    I only found you on YT a couple of weeks before GoT ended, but I’ve doing a good job at catching up since then. 🙂 This has to be my fav yet, hilarious!

    Speaking of Boromir/Ned (add Sharpe for the long time SB fan), I hope you’ve seen this:

    Actually Sharpe would probably be able to handle both Westeros and ME, especially with Harper in tow. Tru fax.

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