Episode 28: Christians and Harry Potter

August 22, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

This week on The Sci-Fi Christian, we take a look at the Harry Potter series. Some Christians have denounced the series while others have embraced. Which side is correct? Find out on the show!

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7 comments on “Episode 28: Christians and Harry Potter

  1. zhengyingli Aug 23, 2011

    If you remember the times prior to the release of Batman Begins, tons of people got their hands on its leaked script, most of my friends included. I, not having read the script, had a blast with the movie. My friends, who got thoroughly spoiled, most definitely enjoyed the movie just as much as I did, at the very least. So spoilers really don’t matter, I guess.

  2. Joshua Aug 26, 2011

    I think the heart of the matter is where the magic comes from, as stated in your show. When reading the books, students do not attend divination class and call upon the Antichrist to see the future. In fact, the series seems to expressly illustrate that divination is a bit of a joke in the wizzarding world. The teacher is a screwball, and Dumbledore himself admitted he doesn’t really believe in the concept. If anything, it illustrates the power that teachers have over young students as the div. professor sucks in some of the more gullible ones with her teachings.

    Only prophecy has any real weight in the world of HP, something that is even present in Christianity. Dumbledore even explains that, especially in HP’s case, the prophecy was self-fulfilling as Voldemort chose who would be his greatest nemesis based upon his knowledge of it.

    • Michael Aug 26, 2011

      Excellent points, Joshua. The Harry Potter stories do seem to be largely about shaping one’s own destiny, as your example about Voldemort shows.

      I suppose Christians might want to explore how far God allows us such freedom — one of the faith statements in my denomination talks eloquently about us being “free to seek [our] life within the purpose of God” — but, in my opinion, that seems a more profitable discussion than whether the magic in the books and films is dangerous.

  3. 7 18 Ace // OR // My-real-name-is-a-word Sep 3, 2011

    Dear Ben and Matt,

    First I would like to congratulate you on a excellent podcast in general and the spelling of Sci-Fi correctly (instead of SyFy)!

    Second I would like to discuss the large, gaping, smiley crack in the universe (Doctor Who reference) eating up quality sci-fi everywhere. For me TV shows are really losing their fictiony scienceness. Granted Falling Skies does looks promising, we will just have to wait for the second season. But when we look over at the ‘’Sci-Fi’’ network you find Eureka ‘’a fading, love-mush drama with science sprinkled on top’’ being canceled; Warehouse 13 not very consistent, and Alphas most likely be canceled in its third season another victim of the curse of Summer Glau. The only shows I look forward to are Doctor Who, Psych, The Middle and Merlin only one of which is a science fiction show! Sadly I believe I may be the only thirteen year-old nerd alive today so I can’t start a riot outside of the Syfy studios demanding they make kid friendly science fiction TV shows to train the next generation of nerds.

    About movies, I feel like nothing could ever be as good as Lord of the Rings. However, Inception and Star Trek set high standards for movies, which have definitely not been met by Thor or Captain America (movies I was allowed to see). Regarding reboots – why does Spiderman or Superman need to be done again?! It shows that the new movie makers lack originality and might be replacing it with melodrama and explosions .

    In response to your recent episode about Harry Potter I agreed with almost everything you guys said. Although I did enjoy reading Harry Potter, I was constantly irritated by Harry’s anger toward everyone around him and I can’t forgive J. K. Rowling for killing Snape and Fred. I was 11 when I read the series.

    If you or your listeners could recommend any good reading for people my age (rated PG!), I would be very happy. I really enjoyed reading Diana Wynne Jones’ wonderful works of Howl’s Moving Castle, the sequels to it, and the Chrestomanci [Krest-oh-man-see] series. I suggest both of these fantastic series to Matt to add to his ever growing list of books to read.  My top five recommendations for kid-friendly sci-fi: Megamind, Jimmy Neutron, Stargate SG-1, original Doctor Who, and Meet the Robinsons.

    Anyway it’s always fun to hear you talk about upcoming shows and movies I probably won’t be allowed to see (rated PG 13+) and to listen to you guys discuss science fiction stuff with a Christian view.

    Signing off!
    7 18 ace/My-real-name-is-a-word
    Fourth of Ten & Homeschooler from Maryland

    • Joshua Sep 3, 2011

      As far as books go, check out my Read-Along on Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. (Shameless Plug) Also look for Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clark, I think I read that when I was your age. Fahrenheit 451 isn’t too bad, I don’t think that would be over your head. Willow is a good fantasy film and Iron Giant is one of the absolute BEST animated Sci-Fi films out there. Your parents would probably approve of those two flicks.

      Anyway, good luck to you, and I’m glad you enjoy the Sci-Fi Christian!

      • 7 18 Ace //OR//My-real-name-is-a-word Sep 4, 2011

        Cool! Thank you! I will check them out.

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