Episode 29: Superhero Summer Movies Recap

September 5, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

This week on The Sci-Fi Christian, we recap a summer’s worth of super hero movies.

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10 comments on “Episode 29: Superhero Summer Movies Recap

  1. Palindrome Sep 5, 2011

    Matt is correct, we number ourselves after the Star Trek borg system. like 7 of 9.

  2. Miss 7 18 Ace //OR//My-real-name-is-a-word Sep 5, 2011

    Matt is right. Anna and I are using the Borg numbering system. Anna is not crazy she a normal nerdy person. Well maybe not so normal. The kid friendly Sci-Fi is for everyone.And Matt you sould really read Diana Wynne Jones epic books.

    P.S. I am a girl

  3. Michael Sep 6, 2011

    Enjoying episode 29 guys, and I haven’t even gotten to the real heart of it yet!

    Re: “Supergods” – I thought the earlier part (and then the final few chapters), where Morrison gives his exegeses of the Superman and Batman mythologies were by far stronger than all the middle (Morrison’s wacky autobiographical stuff)! Oh, well, to each his own. Will look forward to hearing your full review.

    I haven’t seen Stan Lee’s “Superhumans,” but I was a big fan of the first season of “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” a few years ago, back when SyFy was still called Sci-Fi. Yeah, it was hokey and scripted to some degree (but not as badly as the second and, mercifully, final season); but beneath that it really had heart — a lot like old Stan Lee comics! (I’m still disappointed that Fat Momma didn’t win the whole show.)

    You do know there’s a weekly animated “Green Lantern” series on the way, right? And that “Smallville” began life, in its earliest pitches, as a series about the young Bruce Wayne, but the licensing issues couldn’t be worked out (at least, so I’ve heard). As far as any new “Star Trek” series is concerned, while I can appreciate long-term fans’ desire not to see the old continuity come to an end (being a long-term fan myself), I don’t think any series that is not tied into the JJ Abrams universe has a chance. If they want a current audience, they need to tie into the most recent film, and that’s just the way it is, I think. I can see it now: potential, non-Trekker audiences tune in, find out it’s not set in the new “cool” Trek universe, and tune out.

    I will freely confess and hide it not: the more I think about the matching “NOOO” being added to “Jedi,” the more I like it. It’s a bookend, as you point out – and it makes the “first” one (2005) more bearable. Anakin has been reawakened, and he is not going to let this s.o.b. Palpatine destroy his life again. (The new krayt dragon call, though – nah. That really does suck. The sound effect you played as “the original,” “as it’s always been,” though – not so. That was the special edition version of the sound. See the most recent (Sep 4) episode of The Force Cast for details, but the Special Edition sound effect is different from the original theatrical release. I think you can compare them in The Sounds of Star Wars book, too.) So, on balance, a wash, and not enough for me to cancel a pre-order. 12 hours or more of Star Wars in high-def, plus 30+ of bonus features, given up because of a few seconds of new changes? Nah.

    Ok, I’m gonna have to listen to the rest tomorrow, and I’ve been geeking out enough as it is. Thanks for a great podcast, as ever!

  4. Michael Sep 7, 2011

    Hey, some of us liked “Rise of the Silver Surfer”! Not only did it successfully capture the fun at the heart of the FF concept, but also it was the only major superhero movie in recent memory that was actually rated PG and thus could be shared with young kids. My boy was 6 at the time, and was able to give me the movie on video for Christmas and watch it with me, which I thought was fantastic. I don’t know why every single superhermovie has to be PG-13 these days. Even the DCU animated features! Come on. Give us some more family-friendly superhero action, Hollywood – we’ll reward you. (Along with “number four”’s plea for kid-friendly sci-fi TV! Have you given “The Clone Wars” a try, #4? I know, it’s a cartoon, but it’s really cool!)

    I’m with you, Matt — stay all the way through the credits. We paid good money for the movie, I’m going to see it all on the big screen in the Dolby surround!

    • 7- 18 Ace Oct 7, 2011

      Yes, I do occasionally enjoy watching The Clone Wars. I have no problem against cartoons infact one of my favorit TV shows I watch is a cartoon ( Penguins of Madagascar) but I am often annoyed by George Lucas trying to inforce his liberal vews onto my little brothers and sisters.

  5. As a Special FX geek, I always sit through the end credits to see if I recognize the names of the FX houses which are usually listed last. Plus it gives me time to decide if I want to buy the movie soundtrack. The Pirates of the Carrabean movies have had the best “End Credits” sequences of late. But I would agree that all of the Marvel movie end credits scenes have been pretty lame so far.

    • Michael Sep 7, 2011

      Ditto what Joel said re: soundtracks. That’s what convinced me to buy the score to “X-Men: First Class.”

  6. FTWard Sep 9, 2011

    Hey Guys! Love the podcast. I always thought a TV series based on the Gotham Central comic series would work great.

  7. 7- 18 Ace Oct 6, 2011

    Actually Ben, 7-18Ace is related to my name.I will give the first person to comment back my name a virtual cookie!

    P.S. There are 26 letters in the alphabet ( HINT! HINT! )
    ( If you do find out my name please still call me Ace : )

  8. Ben, you are the man! I worked at a movie theater for years back in high school and my early years of college and I hated waiting for people to watch the end credits in hopes of a scene at the end(even when the film didn’t even have a clip at the end of the credits lol). I can’t stand when directors and editors decide to put clips at the end of credits, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!! Lol.

    I think I might be in the minority but I’m not really excited about The Avengers. I had such high hopes for both Thor and Captain America but they both really let me down. Kenneth Branagh is such a talented director so I had the assumption that he would do a great job with Thor but it was quite terrible. I also found the character development and love story in Thor so absurd lol. Captain America in my opinion was better but that’s like saying Catwoman was better than Batman and Robin…. lol. Just kidding ofcourse, they weren’t as horrible as those films.

    I am excited though that Joss Whedon is involved with the Avengers and he always does a great job in storytelling and since the storyline was a huge flaw of both Thor and Captain America, I’m hopeful that Avengers will be better in that aspect.

    You guys are always fun to listen to! Keep up the great work!


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