October 11, 2011

Remember the saying “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” from the first season of NBC’s Heroes? Remember how captivating that first season was; a television show about super-powered individuals was finally getting it right? Remember how after season one, it was all downhill from there?

A few weeks back, Ben and Matt mentioned a new show on their podcast from Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes starring Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover; however, there wasn’t much to go on with what little information had been floating around the web at the time. The news didn’t sound too thrilling, as the thought of another Heroes repressed any excitement whatsoever. That is, until now. Fox has released its first trailer for the show, and it looks fantastic. Check it out:

What do you think?

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4 comments on “Touch

  1. Michael Oct 11, 2011

    Do I remember my disappointment with post-season 2 “Heroes”? Alas, all too well!

    Gotta agree with you, the trailer does look good (although I’m a little surprised it draws so explicitly on the iconography and language of the “Heroes” promo campaign: the Earth viewed from space as the first image, the walls filled with intensely studied bits of paper, the repeated emphasis on connectivity). I will be willing to give it a try. They’ve got some first-class talent aboard. Never thought I’d see Danny Glover on weekly television!

    Is the boy supposed to be autistic? The speech by Glover’s character about how it’s “mostly kids” who have this insight into the interconnected nature of the world strikes me a little bit too much like the “indigo children” pseudoscience that was pedaled by Jenny McCarthy and others a while back (although I guess what’s pseudoscience in the real world can be right at home in science fiction). If the son is an autistic character, I’ll be curious to see how parents really sraising autistic children respond.

  2. Palindrome Oct 11, 2011

    I’m actually pretty excited for this show. It seems like it will be more serialized than heroes, and I feel like Kring will have a harder time messing it up if he has to tell an independant story every episode. Also I am very excited to see Keifer Sutherland, Danny Glover, and Titus Welliver together in one show.

    • 7- 18 Ace Oct 11, 2011

      I agree with you Anna. I am very curious to see what they do with that concept.

  3. This looks AWESOME! Jack Bauer *ahem* Keifer Sutherland is a wonderful actor, and he’s obviously got a great track record with Fox. I’m a numbers guy, and think I’m really going to enjoy this series. However, I’m anxious to see if Tim Kring can keep the mojo going beyond one season. I watched the entire Heroes series, but wish I could have back the hours invested after season 1. It seems well conceived and has some promise. I will absolutely be tuning in this spring!

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