Watch William Shatner’s New Album Destroy Civilization! (Music Video)

October 20, 2011

What has Queen’s epic rock hit Bohemian Rhapsody been missing all these years?

William Shatner, that’s what.

It’s a little bit Monty Python, a little bit Kubrick’s 2001, and even a little bit Star Trek V:

All I can say is, if William Shatner’s disembodied, star-spangled face raining fiery destruction down on the earth is the best sign of existence that the universe/the aliens/God can muster… I’d just as soon not know.

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4 comments on “Watch William Shatner’s New Album Destroy Civilization! (Music Video)

  1. Joshua Oct 20, 2011

    • Michael Oct 20, 2011

      Has Shatner left you speechless, Joshua? Or is that an appropriately… Shatnerian pause… before you… render your verdict?

  2. Palindrome Oct 20, 2011

    It’s. Too. Strange. And. He. Doesn’t. Actually. Sing.

    • Michael Oct 21, 2011

      You noticed that too, huh, Palindrome? He has a… unique approach.

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