GGB Special Edition #5: Christmas!

December 25, 2011

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Tis the season to celebrate Christmas with some great science fiction goodies!

It’s a very Cylon Christmas.

This was submitted by my good friend, Nathan. Quite appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Christmas Ornaments.

If Santa missed your house this year, this is why.

Yoda Claus.

Check out the new Doctor Who Christmas special this week!

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2 comments on “GGB Special Edition #5: Christmas!

  1. 7-18 Ace Dec 25, 2011

    To bad Picard didn’t make it snow where I live.

  2. Michael Dec 26, 2011

    That Cylon Claus is fantastic! As is anything featuring Patrick Stewart, photoshopped or not. Have you seen/heard his performance of “A Christmas Carol”?

    Merry Christmas!

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