New John Carter Trailer

December 5, 2011

Recently Disney released a new trailer for the 2012 film John Carter

along with a shortened television spot.

With Pixar collaborators Andrew Stanton directing and Michael Giacchino scoring this live action picture my anticipation has been high.  Personally when I saw the opening of these promotional efforts I thought, “I’ve seen Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  I’m not sure if I need to see it again.”  And the background music gives us no hints at Giacchino’s contributions.  For now I’m going to steal another’s motto with some editing.  In Stanton we trust!

Does this new trailer make you more or less excited about John Carter hitting the big screen?


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5 comments on “New John Carter Trailer

  1. Michael Dec 6, 2011

    Well, I’ll admit, it not only has an Ep II vibe but also Dances with Wolves… still, it looks like really nice eye candy, and I’m probably game for giving it a try. I’d really like to read the source material beforehand, because I’m embarrassed to admit I never have… that can be a new year’s resolution, I guess!

    • Michael Dec 6, 2011

      Indeed, it’s already on my Kindle… It’s just a “on the proverbial one of those days” situations…!

  2. 7-18 Ace Dec 6, 2011

    Wow…so John Carter = Star Wars/Prince of Persia

  3. Daniel Butcher Dec 6, 2011

    Prince of Persia….maybe they used the same sets!

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