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4 comments on “The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. Daniel Butcher Feb 7, 2012

    Wait….I thought Spiderman movies added villans with every movie…so shouldn’t this have like 8 key villans and not one?

  2. Sweet! This looks awesome! I’m glad they are focusing on Peter’s parents…that should be an interesting story. I know it has been brought up in the comics before, but it seems to be an underutilized aspect of Peter’s history.

    • Daniel – Too funny!
      Matt – I agree. This looks way better than I originally wanted it to.

  3. Jim Sweeney May 26, 2012

    How many superhero movies feature some law enforcement official delivering the line “I am issuing an arrest warrant for the masked vigilante known as {fill in the blank}”? I could be wrong, but that line just feels very played out.

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