Episode 47: The SFC Battle Royale 2012

March 21, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Daniel Butcher

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6 comments on “Episode 47: The SFC Battle Royale 2012

  1. YES!

  2. Michael Mar 22, 2012

    Great to hear a new podcast! And Daniel is absolutely right: for shame, for shame, sci-fi Christians – go see JOHN CARTER!

    • Daniel Butcher Mar 22, 2012

      Michael, during that moment I was staring directly at Matt Anderson!

    • 7-18 Ace Mar 22, 2012

      But I’ve already seen Prince of Persia and The StarWars prequels. What’s the point of wasting my (and by my I mean my dad’s) money on the combination of the previously mentioned? If you can name three aspects that are completely unrelatable to either of those moves I will seriously consider seeing this movie.

  3. When I first saw the trailer it screamed Attack of the Clones, so I understand. But this story is nearly a 100 years older than Star Wars. So there is a lot that Star Wars and other scifi stories borrowed from intentionally and unintentionally from the source material.

    Maybe you have hit the fourth Disney error, failing to tell the potential core audience what was different in this movie.

    Here is my crack at it, but Michael will probably do better than me.

    1) Becoming part of a society that is psychically and culturally foreign to you.
    2) The use of false religion to entrap a planet.
    3) The use of “wave” technology to power technology.

    I’m guessing your dad will probably put down the few bucks to rent it.

    • 7-18 Ace Mar 22, 2012

      For number 2 Prince of Persia was set in Persia soooo it didn’t really entrap a whole planet. Just a segment!

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