The SFC’s Battle Royale Bracket

March 11, 2012

Alright everyone, here it is! First off, let’s meet the fighters:

The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who), Angel (Angel), The Black Smoke Monster (Lost), Teal’c (Stargate SG1), Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Worf (Star Trek Next Generation), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect), Jack (Bioshock), Indiana Jones, Predator, Link (Zelda), Leeloo (The 5th Element), Data (Star Trek Next Generation), Altair Ibn-La’Ahad (Assassin’s Creed), and River Tam (Firefly).

Below you will find the bracket for the SFC’s First Annual Battle Royale! The matches were chosen randomly. Once you look over the matches, think about who should win each battle. New posts will be up later today with images for each battle and a poll where you can then vote for your pick.  You can also vote by leaving a comment below the regular post or on the SFC Facebook page. You will have Two Weeks to vote for the first round winners. Let the battles begin!


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3 comments on “The SFC’s Battle Royale Bracket

  1. Michael Mar 12, 2012

    This should be a lot of fun, Max – thanks for pulling it together!

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