Who Would Win?

March 6, 2012

If you are anything like me, you have probably wondered at some point or another, who would win in a fight: Superman or The Hulk? Well, thanks to user mhabjan at Youtube.com, we are one step closer to determining a victor. Here are three short video clips that mhabjan has created (notice that Superman is based on Christopher Reeve: Fantastic!) with more to come in the future. Get ready folks, because this fight scene is better than any Superman fight scene you have scene on the big screen! Check it out:


Here is a little something extra from the same creator:


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19 comments on “Who Would Win?

  1. 7-18 Ace Mar 6, 2012

    Hmmm…. That’s a tough decision… but in the end I think Batman would win.

  2. I think Superman’s speed would be an overwhelming advantage.

  3. Michael Mar 6, 2012

    Superman. No question.

  4. Doesn’t Hulk get stronger as he gets madder?

    Superman’s tough, but even he can’t beat perpetual power.

    btw, this is a fantastic video! Dude did a great job.

    • Mickey, you are right. As much as I love Superman, I’m not so sure he would win. And if he were to become the winner, it wouldn’t be an easy fight.

  5. Michael Mar 6, 2012

    As soon as Superman realized Hulk gets stronger as he gets madder, Superman’s super intellect would kick in (Banner is smart but Hulk not so much, eh?) and he would find a way to calm Hulk down or otherwise cool him off.


  6. Maybe Superman could help Hulk calm down by making him forget what got him so angry. Of course, then Superman would have to give Hulk a super-ki—–nevermind.

    Superman would just let Hulk win if it came to that, I think.

    • Michael Mar 7, 2012

      Or Supes could just fly around the globe a few times, returning the timeline to some pre-fight point, and arrest Banner and avert the whole thing. Again, Superman wins, Q.E.D. 🙂

  7. let’s be honest, the real winner is bruce banner’s pants. If they can go from a size 32 to size 82 and not burst at the waist, they are the toughest thing around.

  8. If you take the question as a statement, then you have the real answer: Who would win. Doctor Who.

    • Yes!

    • Michael Mar 7, 2012

      Of course! Hulk and Supes must be fighting at the fields of Trenzalore – the TARDIS is going to materialise any second now!

  9. Joshua Mar 11, 2012

    Ummmm…couldn’t Supes just lift/throw Hulk into the upper atmosphere, depriving him of oxygen, thus rendering him unconscious?

    • Sure, if you want to use logic.But I think the point is that the Doctor is more awesome than both of them put together.

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