GGB Special Edition #7: The Avengers!

April 30, 2012

What is Geek Grab Bag? It’s a collection of odds and ends found throughout the week from the Internet. Send in your submissions to be featured in future issues of the column to

I thought that with The Avengers coming out on May 4th, it would be a great idea to focus this week’s Geek Grab Bag on the super powered team that we are all anxiously awaiting to see on film. Enjoy!

They tried going the solo route…

Iron Man!

The Incredible Hulk!


Captain America!

…they decided it would be better to create a team…

Avengers Assemble?

Lego Avengers Assemble? Wait…what?

Avengers Assemble for America’s Got Talent!

Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble circa 1970!

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2 comments on “GGB Special Edition #7: The Avengers!

  1. 7-18 Ace Apr 30, 2012

    Why are KISS the destroyer?

  2. Daniel Apr 30, 2012

    Of course it had Paul Lynde!

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