Episode 54: DC vs. Marvel Movies

May 3, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 54: DC vs. Marvel Movies

  1. Mike Poteet May 8, 2012

    Ben! You used to be a Superman reader!?! Ha! You’ve turned your back on a childhood hero, how sad, how tragic! Que lastima! One of these days, when “real life” allows, I am going to have to defend the Man of Steel something fierce around here… but time does not allow today….! (Oh, you get me so MAD every time you bring this up….!)

    “He’s OK–for a blind guy.” Ouch, Matt! Y’know, Daredevil even shares your first name in his “civilian life” as an attorney; you oughta be more charitable!

    The second “Fantastic Four” movie is actually pretty good. It’s full of action and fun and kind of goofy, just like Silver Age FF issues themselves. I know lots of comic fans were upset that it was “only” rated PG, but I loved it partly because of that, because it was finally a big-budget superhero movie I could enjoy with my son, who was six or seven at the time and a big FF fan. I sometimes wish the studios weren’t so dead-set on superhero movies always getting the PG-13 rating (and, in the case of the Nolan Batman films, it’s really a misleading rating—if those movies weren’t about Batman, they would be Rs, and deservedly so).

    Ugh! The Batman idolatry around the SFC is really something else. “Best Superhero Ever.” He doesn’t even have superpowers! Repent! Repent!!

    All the same, I enjoyed the discussion. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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