Episode 55: The Avengers – Instant Reaction

May 5, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson, Daniel Butcher, and Koby Radcliffe

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3 comments on “Episode 55: The Avengers – Instant Reaction

  1. Palindrome May 8, 2012

    If you know Joss Whedon, you can expect him to kill the fan favorite character, that’s why he would never have killed Hawkeye because no one cared about him yet.

    Loki’s “weird” hair helps him looks a bit more deranged. Both Loki and Thor have longer hair than in Thor ( I know this because I saw Thor literally two hours before I saw Avengers).

    All in all, great movie on an entertainment basis, worth a second viewing.

    And Happy (belated) Birthday Matt!

  2. Kristen Larson May 10, 2012

    The Hulk saved Iron Man because he believed in him that he could control the “other guy”. I think by the end of the movie he realized this and did the best he could.

  3. Jim Sweeney May 27, 2012

    Meh. I was mildly disappointed. There was none of the human pathos and character development present in say, the first Iron Man film or even Captain America. Whedon’s Tony Stark dialog was merely passable and felt almost forced compared with the more natural dialog in the first Iron Man. The film basically moved from fight to fight with little in between for us to establish any emotional connection to the characters; in fact I never felt stirred or moved by any of the emotional content of the film. The highlights for me were the brief theological observations by Cap and Hulk. If I had to rank this alongside other Avenger films, I could only say that it was the best Hulk film of the bunch and probably better than the utterly forgettable Iron Man 2.

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