Episode 72: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

July 13, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Daniel Butcher

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3 comments on “Episode 72: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

  1. Michael Jul 16, 2012

    Props to Matt for being there with the Marvel facts. Yes, the narrator says the catchphrase everyone thinks Uncle Ben originated. Yes, Peter’s parents have long been established as spies (although I can’t find a definitive reference to the issue where it happened).

    There’s a Spidey villain called Spot who can teleport, but I can’t really see them using that character in a major film. Frankly, the Lizard didn’t translate all that well to the screen I thought – I liked the human Curt Connors’ performance a lot better, and also bits where he was “in between” human and reptilian. When he was full-on Lizard, it seemed a bit cartoony and even “stop motion” – but, hey, it’s a comic book movie, so, ok. Doc Ock in Spidey 2 still the best translation of a Spider-Man villain to the screen.

    I liked the cast (although I liked the Sam Raimi cast, too; and I didn’t quite “buy” Garfield and Stone’s onscreen chemistry. I think you guys correctly call the end of the third movie, too. I actually didn’t know Captain Stacy ever died in the comics, so that really took me by surprise). Martin Sheen made a fantastic Uncle Ben, although I have to agree with Daniel that Sally Field’s Aunt May was really nondescript. I think it is strongly implied that she knows he is Spidey, even if the two of them are not going to openly acknwoledge it to each other.

    The only detail that puled me out of the film too much was the idea that it would NEVER have occurred to this genius kid to Google his dead da’s name, especially when his aunt and uncle never talk about his parents. I think Peter would have been all over this Curt Connors connection a LONG time before now. Oh, well.

    Daniel, I am surprised you were so down on this one, but you do make some valid points about sloppy stuff in the movie. But, hey, don’t trash Spidey 3! That’s one of the best on-screen explorations of the nature of sin I’ve ever seen, but we’ll have to have that discussion some other time…

    All in all, thumbs up. Viva Spider-Man! (and viva Barsoom – YES!)

  2. Daniel, I could not disagree with you more. No emotion with Uncle Ben’s death?! Come on!

  3. Daniel Butcher Jul 18, 2012

    I’m sorry guys…I just could not get over how sloppy it was.

    Like for example how by the end of the movie we are pretty much ignore an unsolved murder.

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