Where has all the lens flare gone? (“Star Trek Into Darkness” teaser poster)

December 3, 2012

So, the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived. What do you think?

I’ll reserve judgment until I see the movie, of course, but the image seems very bleak in a kind of Dark Knight way. If there weren’t a title on this, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize it as a Star Trek movie…

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5 comments on “Where has all the lens flare gone? (“Star Trek Into Darkness” teaser poster)

  1. I have only heard complaints so far.
    I too will reserve judgment of the film.

    Some think that placing Cumberbatch in a gritty London scene is a little too reminiscent of the role that’s made him famous. Most everyone I’ve heard from is very annoyed at the apparent wanton disregard for what the Starfleet insignia represents. This 50-year-old symbol for peace is pictured here carving out fiery destruction.

    • Michael Dec 3, 2012

      Eh, I don’t know that I see it as “wanton disregard.” As I recall, the symbol was “borgified” for the “First Contact” publicity, but I guess that was thematically appropriate to the film. Perhaps this will be, too. I’ve heard some speculation that Starfleet will be pretty much a shambles at the end of the movie (of course, I thought Nero already saw to that in the first film), so….?

      It’s just uninspired, I think. Probably designed more to set geeky tongues a-wagging than to tell us anything of substance!

      Thanks, to you and to John, for the comments.

  2. Looks like the copied The Dark Knight Rises poster. Lame. Unoriginal. Needs more cowbell!

  3. Agreed, Michael. I’m not sure I would know what the heck this was if it didn’t say Star Trek. It looks very post-apocalyptic.

  4. Daniel Dec 3, 2012

    Is that a cape?

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