Episode 109: Is Jimmy Olsen a Woman?…And Other News

January 26, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson, Ben De Bono, and Brandon Gibbs

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2 comments on “Episode 109: Is Jimmy Olsen a Woman?…And Other News

  1. Michael Jan 28, 2013

    No one on the ‘net seems to be considering the possibility that Jenny Olsen might be a relative of Jimmy’s. Not that I overly care whether the character is male or female; as Brandon rightly points out, character gender-switches can work out just fine.

    Re: the calendar. Don’t forget that the western Christian calendar is not the only calendar already in use by huge swaths of the world’s population. It is currently the Jewish year 5773, and the Islamic year 1434. Yeah, resetting the calendar is a common sci-fi trope, but I think the only thing that might bring a new calendar to the fore for most people would be contact with intelligent alien life. If that ever happens, it will so revolutionize everything we know and believe, that would be an event worthy (in secular history’s eyes) of being a new “year one.” I think Christians will always date things from the birth of Christ, but I could see the secular world adopting some other model.

    I wonder if the Bible trivia podcast could be something like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Have some contest on the website to select the contestant, then have them on via Skype and do 4-5 multiple choice questions with some kind of “lifeline” (maybe 50/50 would be the only one you could use in a prerecorded show).

    I’m sad to hear Epic Life Church folded.

    I think you’re a little off on your accusation of Stan Lee being responsible for good-looking super heroes. Peter Parker was a mousey little thing in his original appearances. Ben Grimm was no looker before or after he got exposed to cosmic rays. Marvel fans are always bragging about how much more “realistic” their heroes are than the DC rivals, and I think, while “the House of Ideas” has its fair share of good-looking superguys and -gals, they do probably buck the trend more often than the “Distinguished Competition.”

    I think a Black Panther movie would be great, but would have to be handled carefully so as to avoid, well, stuff like Ben’s “joke” about AIDS, frankly… Sheesh… But it would be good to have a major superhero movie starring a non-Caucasian hero. Black Panther could be handled along the lines of the Nolan Bat-trilogy, since it could be made just “plausible” enough: a rare material is discovered, Western powers try to exploit the country in Africa where its found (as has been Western powers’ wont), and a hero rises to defend his land and his people… The premise has a lot of potential.

    Fun episode, and nice to hear Brandon!

  2. Powerman and Iron Fist?!

    I have long said that would make an excellent movie.

    I’ve often though Owen Wilson would make an excellent Iron Fist.

    It would be hugely entertaining.

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