Battle Royale 2013: Round 2: FIGHT!

March 11, 2013

Round 2 of the SFC’s 2013 Battle Royale is here! Below you will find a description of each combatant, detailing their strengths as well as their weapons of choice. Click on the links below the description boxes to vote for a winner. The poll will close at Midnight on March 18th. On Wednesday, March 20th, the Semi-Finals poll will be up on the site. Let the fights begin!

Round 2

Battle 1:

Who Will Win Battle One? VOTE HERE!

Battle 2:

Who Will Win Battle 2? VOTE HERE!

Battle 3:

Who Will Win Battle 3? VOTE HERE!

Battle 4:

Who Will Win Battle 4? VOTE HERE!

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5 comments on “Battle Royale 2013: Round 2: FIGHT!

  1. While Dutch has the strength advantage, Bourne is too smart for him.

    It’s easy to defeat a computer generated opponent: just turn off the computer!

    Ender would find a way to out-smart Godzilla, oh, he also has an entire space navy at his disposal!

    If Mal can deal with Reavers, there’s no way Mast Chief stands a chance!

  2. Nice deductions, John!

  3. brandon Mar 12, 2013

    I would not be surprised at all if Matt comes out as the champion of this entire royale. We will give him a parade.

  4. AlyssaZ Mar 12, 2013

    Voted! The hardest pick for me was Battle 4. Although Mal is my fave, I just don’t think he would last long against Master Chief. Mal would probably unload a whole magazine into Master Chief to no avail. One blast from M.C. would level Mal 🙁

    Sorry Matt Anderson, although you ARE pretty awesome, this is my last freebie!! The only person I could forsee you winning against in the next round is Ender…..

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