The SFC’s Battle Royale: Round 1 Results!

March 11, 2013

What a crazy first round! Here are the official results for the first round:

1. Jason Bourne (34) vs. James Bond (18)
2. Dutch (26) vs. Slender Man (22)
3. Bender (14) vs. Matt Anderson (41)
4. Tyrion Lannister (20) vs. Kratos (29)
5. Godzilla (47) vs. Jack Bauer (45)
6. Ender (30) vs. Crow T. Robot (11)
7. Master Chief (29) vs. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (17)
8. Gabriel (24) vs. Mal (25)

There were plenty of close calls in many of the matches, but none would come as close as the bout between Gabriel and Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds. At the close of the polls last night, these two combatants were tied with 24 votes each! A sudden death round was initiated, allowing for just their battle to go on for another nine hours. By the time it was all over, Captain Mal proclaimed victory by gaining a single vote, bringing his total to 25 against Gabriel’s 24! WOW!

Going into Round 2 tomorrow, here is where we stand:

SFC Bracket 2013 2

Voting for Round 2 will begin tonight at midnight and end on Monday, March 18th at Midnight.

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6 comments on “The SFC’s Battle Royale: Round 1 Results!

  1. Daniel Mar 11, 2013

    Bourne over Bond….what, does experience count for nothing?

    • Daniel, I was in the same boat. I actually voted for Bond, but Sarah made a good point. Jason Bourne is very stealthy. The man has skills comparable to Bond, but he’s also used the identities of multiple people. He knows how to win quietly when needed, or destructively when needed.

      • Everything said about Bourne can be said about Bond. Plus, not only has he used disguise and taken the identities of multiple people . . . he has actually BEEN multiple people!

        A few of these results puzzle me . . .

  2. Be glad you didn’t have to write the battle between Mal and Gabriel — it would probably have to go something like “Gabriel took one look at Mal and thought he’d be nice to him, so he fell to the ground and played dead. Mal was as surprised as everyone else in the world.”

    • Ben Avery – I’m puzzled by some of the outcomes as well. That’s popularity for you! And to be honest, most of these battles are going to be hard to write. Glad I’m only writing three of them.

      • I wonder how many people approach it from a “battle” POV and how many from a “popularity” POV . . . It’d be interesting to see how that splits.

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