Episode 134: Christian Bale as Moses and Other News

March 20, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 134: Christian Bale as Moses and Other News

  1. Michael Mar 20, 2013

    Cool! I had not heard about the title of the first episode of the next SHERLOCK season. In Conan Doyle’s works, “The Adventure of the Empty House” is the story in which Holmes returns after having supposedly perished at Moriarty’s hands at the Reichenbach Falls, so “The Empty Hearse ” is clearly a play on that. I wonder how closely the episode script will track the short story, though.

    By the way, ideas can’t be copyrighted. Executing them is everything! Case in point: a human paired with an android worked pretty well for Isaac Asimov in “The Caves of Steel” and it sequels…

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