Episode 135: Top 5 Sci-Fi Trilogies

March 21, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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4 comments on “Episode 135: Top 5 Sci-Fi Trilogies

  1. AlyssaZ Mar 21, 2013

    Love “Top 5”! Bring it back every 5!

  2. Michael Mar 21, 2013

    I enjoyed this episode, guys – good old-fashioned SFC light-hearted, good-natured list-making.

    I do think Matt has a great point that the Star Wars trilogy (the original one) popularized the idea of trilogies for moviegoers. I was 8 when EMPIRE debuted, and I can remember so much grousing about the movie ending as a “downer,” as a cliffhanger. Nowadays, no no one bats an eye; in fact, we expect second films to be “Act Two of a three-act play” when we go to see them. Why has that changed? Thanks to George Lucas.

  3. Ben, you hurt me. You hurt me deep with your assessment of Foundation Trilogy…
    If you’re going to dismiss Foundation as “Influential but not entertaining,” you’ve got to say the same of Lord of the Rings, I think.
    I tried Shannara – stalled out after three chapters.
    Matrix 2 & 3 were terrible, title to credits.
    Agree completely on
    I actually enjoyed the Spider-Man trilogy… what was the problem with movie 3? But you like the new one?! Ack… Spider-Man as moody skateboarder teen? Spider-Man should be sarcastic, sure, but in Amazing he /sulks./

    Other trilogies that top for me, in addition to the ones you mentioned:
    -Elijah Bailey and R. Daneel Olivaw novels (Asimov)
    -Ender’s Game (although Xenocide trends down)

    Going in a positive direction:
    -Kingkiller trilogy (2 of 3 written)

    Going in a bad direction:
    -The Hobbit movies (YES! I was surprised by this, too, but I really did not enjoy this one, though I’m a huge Tolkien fan. Overblown in a way the book never was).

  4. Elijah Plaep Aug 1, 2013

    Star Wars the original trilogy is very very good, but it is overrated. Now overrated meaning given too much credit than is due. NOT TO SAY IT ISN’T GOOD. It very well deserves to be on and top 5 list eligible. It did revolutionize many things in movies, but it isn’t perfect like many claim or near perfect. Things like Luke’s laughable cry after Darth Vader reveals he is his father, might be just me but I can’t take it seriously. Stormtroopers complete lack of skill is ridiculous which is a little nit-picky but it takes out some sense of danger. Also Ewoks are only there to sell toys and stuffed animals and prove my second point. I still like them but I feel they are slightly overrated, not way overrated like The Hunger Games.

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