The SFC’s Battle Royale: Round 2 Results!

March 18, 2013

This sure has been an intense round! Of the four matches featured, two were back and forth in votes all week. Even in the last 24 hours, the battle between our very own, Matt Anderson and the God of War, Kratos, changed leads three times! But only four combatants had the strength, wit, and shall I dare say, popularity to move on to the the semi-finals. Here are the official results for round 2:

1. Jason Bourne (31) vs. Dutch (15)
2. Matt Anderson (30) vs. Kratos (31)
3. Godzilla (27) vs. Ender (21)
4. Master Chief (13) vs. Mal (36)

There you have it, folks. Some win and some lose. Such is life. The semi-finals begin tomorrow and here is where we stand:

SFC Bracket 2013

Voting for the semi-finals (Round 3) will begin at Midnight and end on March 26th at midnight.

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8 comments on “The SFC’s Battle Royale: Round 2 Results!

  1. Max, are you already brainstorming how to write these battles depending on which way the wind blows?? You’ve got some interesting match ups!

    • The brainstorming sessions have begun! This won’t be easy, either way.

  2. Bourne again!

  3. Does this mean Kratos gets honorary “A squad” status?

  4. Palindrome Mar 19, 2013

    LIES!!! How could Kratos win? I demand that someone in charge rectify this situation, even if it involves “adjusting” the results.

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