The SFC’s Battle Royale: Semi-Finals Results!

March 26, 2013

The Semi-Finals are over and the matches sure were exciting! Jason Bourne versus the God of War! This match remained close up until the last day, when Kratos began to pull ahead and never looked back. Malcolm Reynolds had a large lead against Godzilla for most of the week, but in the end, he only won by three votes! The finals should be quite interesting. Here are the official scores of the Semi-Finals:

1. Jason Bourne (28) vs. Kratos (35)
2. Godzilla (31) vs. Mal (34)

That concludes the Semi-Finals. Here is where we stand going into the Finals:

SFC Bracket 2013

Stay tuned later today for featured stories depicting the Semi-Finals battles. Voting for the Finals (Round 4) will begin at Midnight and a winner will be announced on Thursday, April 4th.

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2 comments on “The SFC’s Battle Royale: Semi-Finals Results!

  1. Really looking forward to reading the battle stories 😀

  2. I’d still argue Ender could take Godzilla. Not on his own, but the Little Doctor would take him out in a second.
    Not to mention the planet behind him….

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