The SFC’s Battle Royale 2013 Results!

April 3, 2013

The Sci-fi Christian’s 2013 Battle Royale has come to a close. It has surely been quite a fun and unpredictable tournament this year, but only ONE could reign victorious; defeating his opponents by any means necessary, Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds is this year’s champion!

To see just how far Mal has come and the competition he’s had to defeat in order to win it all, click SFC Bracket 2013 to view the final entry into the bracket.

Congratulations to Jeff for coming in first place with your pick (Captain Mal). You have won a signed copy of recently published fantasy author David Dalglish’s A Dance of Cloaks!

Congratulations to Jordan for coming in second place with your pick (Kratos). You have won a digital copy of A Dance of Cloaks!

To claim your prizes, email me at

Jeff – In order for you to get your signed copy of David Dalglish’s A Dance of Cloaks mailed to you as quickly as possible, I will need you to send me your address and how you would like the book to be signed.

Jordan – I will just need your email address so the digital copy of David Dalglish’s A Dance of Cloaks can be sent to you.

I’m beginning to see a trend here. Last year, River Tam of Firefly fame defeated the ever popular 10th Doctor from Doctor Who to come out on top. This year, Captain Malcolm Reynolds won, besting an indestructible god. I think that the question for next year should not be, “Who will win the Battle Royale” but rather, “Which Firefly character will win the Battle Royale?”

Thank you everyone for making this year’s Battle Royale AMAZING, and here’s to an even better 2014 edition!

Stayed tuned later today for the final battle story!

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7 comments on “The SFC’s Battle Royale 2013 Results!

  1. Josh L Apr 4, 2013

    Well Ben should be somewhat satisfied with this winner, but I suppose he will still criticize us the listeners for not voting enough to crown Matt.

  2. Thanks for all your work on this, Max! It was so awesome this year!

  3. Palindrome Apr 4, 2013

    Though I do wish that Matt had made it to the end, I ‘m glad that I didn’t have to pick between Matt and Mal.

    But yay for Mal! Whose up for a celebratory Firefly rewatch?

  4. Crow T Robot VS Bender would have been an epic final

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