Episode 150: Top Ten All Time Favorite Sci-Fi Things

May 1, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 150: Top Ten All Time Favorite Sci-Fi Things

  1. Michael May 2, 2013

    Congratulations on episode 150, guys! Even were I not a contributor to the site, I’d be a faithful listener. The podcast is the SFC’s heartbeat, and you guys consistently do a great job (even if you desperately need enlightening on the subject of Star Trek… but that’s for another day!). Here’s to the next 150 and beyond!

  2. joseph fuller May 7, 2013

    just finished listening to the show,
    y’all are killing me with some the stuff you dislike, lol
    but hey that is what makes the world go round.
    i am wondering how old you guys are? i guess since i am older, i like a lot older stuff you guys think are boring.
    my top sci fi
    babylon5, star trek, star wars, dune books, asimov books, philip k dick books, fringe, battlestar galatica( old one, new is ok) , comic book movies( most are sci fi), dr who/torchwood

  3. Harold Clark Jun 14, 2013

    Just recently started listening to you guys after the cross-promotion of the Christian podcasts (I came via Game Store Prophets…)

    I just wanted to say, thumbs up for the love for Twilight Zone! (Even though it’s lukewarm right now, let me help you out…) I’ve always been a big TZ fan since I was little. Now it’s really cool, because I’m using TZ episodes to teach biblical principles to both adults and the Youth group. (Funny to hear them say, “You mean ‘Sixth Sense’ didn’t invent the twist ending?!?”)

    So here’s my suggestion on a couple of episodes to watch right away and see what spiritual truths come to mind.

    1) Season 5 – Old Man In The Cave. This is the episode that opened my eyes to the deaper meaning to be found in TZ stories. Lot of parallels to how people interacted with God in the Old Testament as well as the different way they interacted with Jesus in the New Testament. My favorite episode now after looking at it with spiritual glasses on.

    2) Season 3 – To Serve Man. The iconic TZ episode with the iconic twist ending. They were so happy they figured out the title of the book that they just rested on their success. I used this to ask the question, “I know John 3:16, so why read the rest of the Bible?”

    3) Season 2 – The Man in the Bottle. A good episode to talk about the different types of wishes/prayers we do. Are they good or bad? Should we pray for the small stuff, pray for money, pray for power to get through things, etc…

    4) Season 2 – The Howling Man. Easy to talk about the devil, but we talked more about Adam and Eve. In the episode, why didn’t the monks do more to prevent what happens to the main character? In that same vein, why didn’t God do more and perhaps put a cage around the tree to prevent what happens to Adam and Eve?

    5) Season 2 – The Obsolete Man. How does a Christian and a non-Christian handle crisis differently? Pretty heavy episode, considering the ‘State’ has proven that God is

    6) Season 1 – Third From The Sun. Fun to compare/contrast this story with Noah’s Ark. Also interesting to talk about if the people at the end of the episode were successful and compare that with God’s plan for the flood. Since the world kept on sinning after Noah, did God succeed or did His plan fail???

    Others I have used in the study:
    Season 3 – Five Characters in Search of an Exit
    Season 2 – The Eye of the Beholder
    Season 1 – People Are Alike All Over
    Season 1 – The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
    Season 3 – A Game of Pool

    So give these a try…I think you’ll really like them and it will be just another tool to witness to people about our faith (especially around the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day TZ marathons…)

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