Episode 161: New Animated Star Wars and Other News

May 31, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 161: New Animated Star Wars and Other News

  1. Michael Jun 3, 2013

    Guys, guys… not every segment and sub-segment needs a musical button! 🙂

    Oz Zombies?! I’m against it! Indubitably against it! (Besides, James Franco was so lackluster in the most recent movie, I thought *he* was the Oz zombie!)

  2. 1) What?! How can you not be excited for Star Wars Rebels?!
    2) Jonathan Rhys Meyer was in (most notably) The Tudors and MI:3.
    3) The most-recent NOVA books have been pretty good and I wouldn’t say they’re like Green Lantern.
    4) Ben, The Walking Dead isn’t about zombies, it’s about the people! I want a couple more seasons, but I wouldn’t want the show to go on forever. (Boring… sheesh! 😉 )
    5) Ok, now it’s time to prep a new episode of Geek This! Podcast. Little bit behind.

    • My problem with Walking Dead isn’t that it’s character based (something I normally would like!) but that it’s so poorly written. Compare it to AMC’s other two headline shows – Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Everything those two right in terms of writing and characters, TWD completely botches on a nearly weekly basis

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