Iron Man 3 Review

May 3, 2013

Ben, Matt and Daniel of The Sci-Fi Christian are joined by Strangers and Aliens co-host Koby and guest Micah to discuss Marvel’s latest installment – Iron Man 3. This review does contain full spoilers for the film


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4 comments on “Iron Man 3 Review

  1. Ben De Bono: “It was a 2”.

    I completely agree!!!

    As I said in my Twitter account:

    Just came back from watching “The Adventures of Tony Stark and his Mechanical Friends”, a.k.a. “Iron Man 3”.

    Ben is THE MAN.

  2. Ben Kingsley “completely wasted in this movie, his role was pathetic”.

    I completely agree.

  3. I am against this review.

  4. Elijah Plaep Aug 1, 2013

    Too bad The Mandarin wasn’t in this movie… movie gets a B because the last action scene saved it from that terrible plot twist and constant comedy that kept drama from entering and making it feel like any events carried any weight.

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