Episode 172: What We Would Change About the Comics Industry

July 18, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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8 comments on “Episode 172: What We Would Change About the Comics Industry

  1. Steve Walker Jul 22, 2013

    Are we seriously supposed to listen to this every time the subject of a comic book movie comes up, which is every second episode at the moment? The only way it would be bearable is if someone acted as a counterpoint to Ben.

    • There are plenty of podcasts that are largely uncritical of superhero movies. This one isn’t. You’re free to not listen or you could actually reply with an intelligent rebuttal, though of course that takes more effort than simply complaining

  2. Steve Walker Jul 23, 2013

    I agree that many superhero movies are a case of style over substance. I just can’t be bothered listening to you belabour the point any more, so yes I’ve unsubscribed.

  3. Homer mighta considered continuity. But then again, he didn’t have to contend with 12 other writers and artists playing with his characters every month.

  4. It’s Mickey, like the Mickey Mouse cartoon.

  5. Great episode guys!

    I don’t worry about spoilers so much anymore.

    There’s so much on my “to-read” list, that I will never complete, I have started using “spoilers” as a strategy.

    I often read the last couple chapters and epilogue of a book before starting. There’s nothing worse that being engaged by a book to have the ending ruin the total experience.

    Knowing the ending enriches the experience, because you know where the author is taking you, and you see details and events you would miss in the story.

    If the ending is garbage, it saves a lot of time wasted in a bad book.

  6. I have been saying what you two said here, for a long time. I agree on almost all your points. Comics have become very convoluted. It’s also nice to see there are other Christians that are into science fiction and fantasy. Great show!

  7. I hear you in terms of the continuity suggestion, and the difficulty with getting into an X-Men book (my favorite Marvel title). One of the reasons I’m reading more indy titles is because they have more stories that stand-alone, have a definitive endpoint, and they’re not constrained (at least I don’t think they generally are) by the pressure to not kill a major character without somehow bringing them back.

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