Episode 174: Indiana Jones and the Theology of the Lost Ark

July 26, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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7 comments on “Episode 174: Indiana Jones and the Theology of the Lost Ark

  1. Loved this episode!! I vote for more like it 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kristen!

  3. I like the episode.

    Thought on biblical accounts of the Ark.

    Ask far as additional descriptions, I think it’s simply a matter of what all people at one time knew, then later being described by necessity. Even with material written within the last hundred years, we can see the same. Look at a few recipes from a hundred years ago. You are bound to find ingredients you’ve never heard of or techniques that have no description. At the time “everyone” knew it. Now, not so much. On recipes, we can still figure out most of it, but if you move back to recipes from the 15-1600’s there are items that today no one is absolutely sure about, though they have theories… and that’s just recipes.

    I personally feel the Ark would not have lost its status as holy, but as we each are now sanctified by Christ and are now temples within which the Spirit of God may dwell we would be able to touch it. However, if placed before me I would probably tally up with the both of you. I’d look, but not touch XD At the least, I would still revere it as the items within were touched by God. I wouldn’t take it very lightly.

  4. Haven’t seen Last Crusade?

  5. Great job! I would love to see more episodes like this.

    Even if the ark does not exist physically today, liturgical churches still maintain a “liturgic” ark on their altar.

    The altar where the Communion elements are placed are often referred to as the “mercy seat”, and the new jar of manna is the bread of communion. The Rod that budded is the Cross placed in the center of the altar and the tablets of testimony are the Gospel book.

    Many of the Church Fathers referred to the ark as a type of Mary. Just as the ark contained and brought the presence of God to the people, Mary is the container that brings Christ’s presence into the world.

    There are a couple really cool images in the Fathers regarding this. One story is told at her passing, as they were carrying her body on its bier an impious Jew dared took her and overturn the bier. He got the Uzza treatment. Yet, instead of dying an angel cut off his arms. In one retelling, the Apostle Peter picks up the man’s arms are reattaches them as he repents.

    Another comparison they use is just like David danced before the ark as it re-entered Jerusalem. The unborn John the Baptist danced in his mother’s womb when Elizabeth encountered the pregnant Mary.

    Thanks for an entertaining show.

  6. I like this episode!! I like stories about the Ark.

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