Episode 188: Harry Potter Spinoffs and Other News

September 19, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 188: Harry Potter Spinoffs and Other News

  1. Michael Sep 23, 2013

    Boy, get a few beers in Ben, and he starts shredding the “mythology” of beloved children’s literature. Nice, de Bono. Nice.

    What you didn’t account for in your zeal to destroy everyone’s childhood memories was that Emily Elizabeth’s LOVE made Clifford grow so big. Says so right there in the theme song. Clifford’s story is a parable on the power of love. But I guess that’s too easy. Maybe you should name the beer “Ben Hates Childhood.”


    Just kidding. Another fun discussion, guys.

    • Ben De Bono Sep 23, 2013

      lol I don’t know, Mike. The books came first and there’s no mention of this whole “growth by love” business. Methinks that’s a bit of a retcon and I for one am not letting the Clifford mythology off that easily 🙂

      That said, your beer idea isn’t half bad. Maybe modified to something along the lines of Belligerent Ben Brown Ale

  2. Another fun episode.

    Usually Matt posts the episodes up. Not that this observation is of any real importance. I guess Ben was handed off “the shift”.

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