Episode 193: The SFC Time Loop – It’s the End of the World As We Know It

October 11, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 193: The SFC Time Loop – It’s the End of the World As We Know It

  1. Fantastic episode. I’ve been looking forward to this time loop for awhile, now. This one makes one of the greatest time loops of all time, in the “time loop hall of fame”.

    The time loops are actually quite excellent. It’s a great way to present old episodes to the modern era of the show and its listeners. Especially since your older episodes are no longer up for download. With present-day introductions, no less! 🙂

    The way you guys have approached podcasting is quite inspiring. There’s a real history and chronology to what you guys have rolled out. Matt’s love of time travel and parallel universes, shows.

    Anyway, I love how this episode defies convention. This episode, and the show, really walks both ropes of fanboy silliness and hardcore theological discussion.

    Anyway, I remember when the Left Behind game came out back in ’06. I was visiting my grandmother’s church and they were passing out free samples of the game during, and for a service. Great fun to hear you guys resurrect that memory! Pretty hysterical. 😆

    Perhaps we could have a whole episode dedicated to a review and comical bashing of the Left Behind game, or Left Behind, in general?

    • Ben De Bono Oct 17, 2013

      I’m going to be working on getting the old episodes available again over the next couple days. I’ve known about the issue for a while but I’ve just been being lazy about fixing it. Check back soon for access to early SFC episodes

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