Episode 197: Is Noah Sunk? And Other News

October 18, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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2 comments on “Episode 197: Is Noah Sunk? And Other News

  1. Michael Oct 22, 2013

    Ben, I think you raise a valid critique of the Disney mindset, one that has also occurred to me. I guess I dealt with this (to the extent that I worried about dealing with it) when we were at Disney World by taking such messages in the context of “we’re on vacation.” I.E., sometimes, for a limited time, it *is* ok to “celebrate you.” But, of course, it can’t be our default operating position (which, for too many folks, it is, and, yes, I grant that stuff like Disney does its fair share to promote it). I also think my wife and I do enough to offset such individualistic, vapid messages the rest of the time, and that our kids just took it all as having fun. Hope so, anyway.

    Matt, JMS has written for DC, most recently a (bad and abbreviated) run on “Superman,” and also the two original graphic novels “Superman: Earth One.”

    Good episode, guys! Looking forward to number 200!

  2. I’ve been in Florida (at the beach, no less) for the past several days, so naturally, in my return, it’s time for me to blast off with episodes 196 – 199, as is posted!

    Absolutely fantastic episode. I really enjoyed hearing your spry responses to my double dish of feedback. I understand why Ben does not like time loops to be included in the episode chronology, but perhaps I can shed a unique light on how I look at it.

    In my perception, SFC does not embody its episodes in the sense that each is crafted to be indispensable. What I mean by that, is each episode is like the format of a radio broadcast where episodes can be re-broadcasted.

    Stretch your mind and consider that each episode number simply records how many episodes happen to have been produced, rather than injecting an inherent glorification in the numbering, signifying always-new content. Also, the higher the episode number, the better! 🙂 Initiating time loops was a gutsy move, and I love ’em…

    About Star Trek coming back to the airwaves? I don’t think it should happen for a couple decades, and certainly not by anyone less creative and provocative than Roddenberry. JJ’s boy band are far from the task.

    Also, on the idea of non-protesting Protestantism, which I’ve been meaning to comment on for awhile; I do not think modern-day Protestant Christians consider themselves to be in a state of protest. The Catholic church is not anymore of a central authority to themselves or is not a central authority to protestants than Protestantism is a central authority to themselves and not the central authority to Catholics. In other words, the genesis of denominational separation is unfortunate, but evidently eventual due to contrasting interpretation and ideas interpolated from scripture.

    Let me preface the following with the statement that: God’s revelation through scripture is the central authority from which all honest Christian sects are formulated. In my opinion, to say that a denomination or institution of Christianity is “in protest” from a relative central authority (catholic church) pushes against the freedom to challenge the ideas of a singular, man-instituted establishment.

    The “protest” in Protestant is dated, and in my mind, a complete thing of the past. We simply have different Christian denominations which see it differently. The problem, of course, comes from our innate capacity to demonize each other. Ben will see this as a superfluous statement, but could Protestants say that Catholics are the rebels, using this logic?

    (I assume that there is some history in all of this that Ben will highlight in his response, that I am unaware of. Blow my mind, Ben!) 😆

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