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October 18, 2013

Episode 200 will soon be upon us and we want to know what your favorite Sci-Fi Christian episode is! Below is a list of ALL of our main topic episodes, from our very first episode in January 2011 to our recent Breaking Bad two parter. Excluded from this list are all news, timeloop, sermon, feedback, highlight and history of Christianity episodes. Everything else is available for you to vote for! Make your selection in the comments and we’ll discuss the top vote getters in episode 200.



Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: I Want To Believe

Episode 3: The Dark Knight On Trial

Episode 4: Tolkien Vs. Lewis – The Ultimate Smackdown

Episode 5: Top 5 MesSCIahs

Episode 6: The State of the Super Hero Movie

Episode 7: Horror and Faith (AKA Zombie Jesus)

Episode 8: Sci-Fi Movies We HATE HATE HATE!

Episode 9: Attack of the Clones

Episode 10: Duel of the Fates

Episode 11: Top 5 Superpowers

Episode 12: The Search For Sasquatch

Episode 13: Dissecting Dr. Horrible

Episode 14: Clones Revisited

Episode 15: Top 5 Sci-Fi Worlds

Episode 16: Ghosts and God

Episode 17: Rants and Recommendations

Episode 18: The Multiverse – Notes From The Other Side

Episode 19: Apocalypse Now

Episode 20: Top 5 Sidekicks

Episode 21: Sci-Fi Fathers

Episode 22: The Comics Continuity Conundrum

Episode 23: Lord of the Rings

Episode 24: The Sci-Fi Feud

Episode 25: Top 5 Sam & Frodo Messianic Moments

Episode 27: C.K. Kubasik Interview

Episode 28: Christians and Harry Potter

Episode 29: Superhero Summer Movies Recap

Episode 30: Top 5 Sci-Fi Theme Songs

Episode 31: Young Adult Fiction

Episode 32: LOST Part 1

Episode 33: The Divine Time Machine

Episode 34: LOST Part 2

Episode 35: Top 5 Dreams

Episode 36: Perception of Inception

Episode 39: The End of the Year Listener Appreciation Jubilee


Episode 41: Top 5 Disney Movies

Episode 42: Top 5 Pixar Movies

Episode 43: Star Wars

Episode 49: The Time Traveler Strife

Episode 51: Superhero Talk

Episode 53: Joss Whedon Talk

Episode 54: DC vs. Marvel Movies

Episode 55: The Avengers – Instant Reaction

Episode 68: Summer Movie Preview

Episode 69: The Nephilim Conspiracy

Episode 72: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

Episode 73: Catching Up with Ben De Bono

Episode 74: Dark Knight Rises Prophecies

Episode 76: The Dark Knight Rises – Instant Reaction

Episode 78: The Dark Knight Revisited

Episode 79: The Sci-Fi Catholic

Episode 80: Top 5 Sci-Fi Visionaries

Episode 81: Sci-Fi Feud 2012

Episode 82: John Carter, Savior of Mars

Episode 83: Batman Live – Instant Reaction

Episode 86: The Morality of Immortality

Episode 88: Darth Mickey – Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Episode 89: George Lucas – Revenge of the Beard

Episode 90: Catholic Questions & Answers

Episode 92: Why James Bond is Sci-Fi

Episode 93: Scientologyness

Episode 94: The Hobbit – That’s What I’m Tolkien About

Episode 97: Gazing Into the Distant Future of 2013

Episode 98: Tolkien About the Hobbit Movie

Episode 99: Catching Up with Buffy and Angel

Episode 100: The Sci-Fi Christian End of the Year Listener Appreciation Jubilee


Episode 101: Sci-Fi Feud – The Confrontation

Episode 102: Top 5 Childhood Sci-Fi Influences

Episode 103: Top 5 Current Sci-Fi Favorites

Episode 104: Top 5 Movies of 2012

Episode 106: In the Loop with Looper

Episode 108: Top 5 Sci-Fi Geniuses Gone Bad

Episode 110: The Demon Dialogues

Episode 111: The Proposal

Episode 113: Top 5 Sci-Fi Bible Adventures

Episode 114: Superhero Spotlight on Aquaman

Episode 116: The Fandom Menace

Episode 118: I Am the Resurrection and the Virtual Life

Episode 119: Interview with Michael D. Sellers, Author of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

Episode 121: You Say You Want a Revolution?

Episode 122: Interview with Paeter Frandsen from

Episode 124: The Lost World of Genesis

Episode 127: Top 5 Sci-Fi Things We’re Not Into, But Wish We Were

Episode 130: Interview with Brady Hardin, Author of Duncan Ross Book One: The Follies of Haven Island

Episode 131: Interview with Rick Lee James, Sci-Fi Worship Leader

Episode 132: Interview with Ethan Erway, Author of the Michael Belmont Books

Episode 133: Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Review

Episode 135: Top 5 Sci-Fi Trilogies

Episode 137: The Sci-Fi Christian in Parallel…Universes?

Episode 140: What If Tolkien and Lewis Wrote Together?

Episode 141: G.I. Joe: Retaliation Movie Review

Episode 143: Summer Movie Preview 2013

Episode 144: Aliens and Strangers Part 2: The Prometheus Paradox

Episode 146: Virtual Ethics: Morality and MMOs

Episode 147: Oblivion Movie Review

Episode 150: Top Ten All Time Favorite Sci-Fi Things

Episode 151: Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Episode 153: Death By Superheroes

Episode 155: What’s In the Batcave?

Episode 156: Superhero Spotlight on The New 52

Episode 157: Superhero Spotlight On the Power Rangers

Episode 159: 2001: A Space Odyssey Review

Episode 160: The Quicksilver Conundrum

Episode 163: Star Trek Roundtable Discussion

Episode 165: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Episode 166: The Superman Symposium

Episode 168: Marriage Advice For Matt

Episode 170: Top 5 Things I’m Nostalgic For

Episode 172: What We Would Change About the Comics Industry

Episode 174: Indiana Jones and the Theology of the Lost Ark

Episode 176: Spelunking with Socrates

Episode 177: Behind the Scenes at Ryan Strelau Studios

Episode 179: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 50-41

Episode 180: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 40-31

Episode 181: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 30-21

Episode 182: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 20-11

Episode 183: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 10-1

Episode 185: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: Retrospective

Episode 187: Heroes Season One Rant

Episode 189: Heaven on Earth

Episode 191: Excavating the X-Files: Part 1

Episode 192: Heroes Season Two Rant

Episode 195: Breaking Open Breaking Bad

Episode 196: Top 5 Episodes of Breaking Bad


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20 comments on “Vote For Our Best Episode Ever

  1. This sounds strange since it is so recent but I really think Heroes Season 2 Rant is the best. I think the first episode I ever heard was the Dark Knight Revisited (another good episode) and one my favorite things about this show is listening to how Ben dissects movies, books and TV. It has informed my interactions with different media and challenges the way I determine the quality of different shows. But hearing him tear through an entire season that I have seen myself was awe inspiring. Doesn’t hurt that I got my wife to listen to it as well, since she is a Heroes fan, and she liked your rant too!

  2. Travis Oct 18, 2013

    Episode 124. That’s the first episode that really got me interested in you guys.

  3. “Episode 69: The Nephilim Conspiracy” and “Episode 124: The Lost World of Genesis”: very insightful episodes. I learned a lot with them!

  4. I’ll vote for 124 as well. Though I thought 174 and 176 were pretty exceptional too.

  5. Todd W in NC Oct 19, 2013

    I came to the SFC a little late and only caught up on a few of the early episodes. But. there are a lot of great ones from the last year. Some of the best ones I can think of based on what I can remember from titles…

    Episode 124: The Lost World of Genesis — I enjoyed the different perspective on creation. I listened to the episode, but I wish there was some kind of quick summary/recap. Do you think you guys might ever do an episode or at least a page on the website with a top 10 or top 5 of your Biblical & philosophical topics where you quickly recap your stances on things like creation, the allegory of the cave, Revelation, etc.?

    Episode 127: Top 5 Sci-Fi Things You’re Not Into But Wish You Were — Because, if I remember correctly, Babylon 5 (the best TV show ever) was on both of your lists.

    Episode 135: Top 5 Sci-Fi Trilogies — I don’t remember specifics of this episode, but I vaguely remember it reminding me how different we all are, even among fans of geeky things, because I probably would have chosen very different movies.

    Episode 151: Iron Man 3 Movie Review — I really disagreed with this movie review because I thoroughly enjoyed Irom Man 3, even seeing it twice in the theater, but I also found your different perspectives interesting. In fact, I wrote in a pretty long e-mail inquiring further about Ben’s analysis of the movie, and you guys responded to it on a subsequent episode.

    Episode 176: Spelunking With Socrates — The college I graduated from had a “4-1-4” schedule with a 1-month winter term in January where students could take just 1 class 3 hours every day, and it was usually meant for special or unorthodox topics, electives, study abroad classes, etc. Well, of course, I took the Philosophy in Star Trek course. The philosophy professor wrote the “textbook” himself, and yes, we did get to watch clips of Star Trek shows in class. But, it was a real class, and we really did learn a lot of philosophy, including the topic of the allegory of the cave. So, this episode of the SFC was a really nice refresher on that.

    Episodes 179 to 185: The Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown (and Retrospective) — I love lists & countdowns, especially ones that allow fans to vote, so this was a great treat. In fact, I’ve always meant to send in feedback on those, but I never seem to get around to it. Is it ever too late to send in voice feedback, even for old topics? Sadly, several shows from my list didn’t even make the top 50, so thank you for at least rattling off the shows that only got 1 or 2 votes instead of not mentioning them at all. After you did #20 to #11 I was able to predict 9 out of the top 10, through process of elimination. But, I was shocked & dismayed to see Heroes be the 10th one. I agree with what you said in the retrospective that future countdowns should use a weighted system, because even if a lot of people voted for Heroes (even that much is hard to believe), surely not many would have voted it high on a ranked list.

    Episode 187: Heroes Season One Rant — I vaguely remember liking season 1 of Heroes. At the time, it was even more fun and less frustrating than Lost, because the story moved forward and occasionally gave you a resolution to a mystery. But, hearing Ben’s rant gave me reasons to retroactively dislike even the first season and to realize that maybe just the show being fresh and new was the reason it seemed good at the time.

    Episode 192: Heroes Season Two Rant — Even though season 2 was a huge step down from season 1, I remember not disliking it as much as the rest of the world did and not getting truly disgusted with the show until season 3. But, again, Ben’s rant lends new perspective. My favorite parts of the episode are when Matt lightly spoils Ben by saying things like, “oh, that gets even worse,” or “actually, you’ll never see that character again.” If Ben hated season 1 and massively detested season 2, he might claw his own face off while watching season 3, or at the very least lose all hope in humanity. Ben is committing a truly charitable & sacrificial act by watching Heroes so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to.

    So, my final vote (assuming we can only have one)…

    Episode 183: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Shows Countdown: 20-11 — At first, I was tempted to say the top 10 episode, but as I said above, that episode was mostly predictable except for the part of Heroes being in the top 10, and that part was just sad. So, I voted for the penultimate episode of the TV show countdown, because that was the episode in which you read my voice mail about Babylon 5, and it sounded like I firmly convinced both of you to finally give it a try.

    Love the show. Keep up the great work. And, congratulations on approaching show #200. 🙂

  6. Josh Lawson Oct 21, 2013

    Episode 141: GI Joe Retaliation review

  7. 7-18 Ace Oct 21, 2013

    I would say that episode 20 Top 5 Sidekicks was the best episode. You were both sleep deprived ans half crazy which made for a very funny episode.

  8. Notwithstanding my voicemail. My favorite is probably Top 5 Things I’m Nostalgic For.

    • Ben De Bono Oct 22, 2013

      No, no, no Noah. We asked for our BEST episode, not our worst episode that should never have been recorded

  9. I’ve really only listened to season 3, but of those my fave is 155. Hilarious fun stuff I didn’t know.

  10. savannah Oct 22, 2013


  11. 90. Catholicness. Matt’s sincere questions without a trace of guile, with Ben’s matter-of-fact, engaging answers were fun, entertaining, laugh-inducing and altogether informative.

  12. I have no idea but now want to listen to some of the old ones that were before my sci-fi Christian listening life…

  13. Third place: 155 “What’s in the Batcave.” I know I’m rating this one too high, but it gets bonus points because this was the hardest I ever laughed during an SFC episode, particularly the honorable mentions list: Two Face’s coin, a sword, a shroud . . . and giant bowling pins. I almost died. I had such low expectations for this episode but ended up being thoroughly entertained by your banter.

    Second place: 124 “The Lost World of Genesis.” The best example from an excellent group of episodes that challenge commonly held beliefs (particularly contemporary, American, evangelical beliefs). These episodes have ignited a passion in me to trace back the evolution, if you will, of all manner of beliefs, traditions, and practices in the Church. Even if all of your listeners don’t agree on your positions (just as the co-hosts don’t always agree), I love that you’re sparking good conversation and challenging listeners to dig deeper into their faith.

    First place: Tie – Episode 79 “The Sci-Fi Catholic” and Episode 90 “Catholicness.” From the tongue-in-cheek episode titles, to the spontaneous intersection of personal life and the podcast (i.e. Matt always recording everything), to the real-life emotions, to the easy-going friendship between the hosts, to the insightful and laugh-out-loud conversation — this was the Sci-Fi Christian at its best.

  14. ep. 23 – lord of the rings

  15. So many great episodes to choose from. 172 sticks out in my mind as being a great one. But, once again, they’re really all superb. A mediocre episode of the SFC can far outdo the best of other regular podcasts out there.

  16. Ha, this list needs to be updated. Three episodes since this was posted on the eighteenth. 😉

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