Episode 200: The Sci-Fi Christian Bicentennial Self-Celebration Extravaganza

October 29, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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10 comments on “Episode 200: The Sci-Fi Christian Bicentennial Self-Celebration Extravaganza

  1. First comment. Second to download. I hear this is going to be the best thing ever…

  2. Seriously, you know it’s going to be big when the name of the podcast is in the title, after the name of the podcast.

  3. Quite the mammoth episode, indeed! Three hour episodes is a solemn rarity. I really enjoyed it.

    I did, however, find it a bit disappointing and tedious that the surprise guest turned out to be an automated President Obama. I thought that bit stomped on the momentum of the show, recycled and bloated a joke that was used in the introduction to the episode, and whipped listener expectation. And then, of course, the “shocking revelation” at the end was pretty cheap, but amusing.

    Interestingly enough, I knew all that about Theo, before this episode, from back when I met him! I’ll need to write in about that…

    SFC has never been stronger than it is in the current day. I actually listened to #100 several days before this was released, and was pretty taken aback by how different it felt. I much prefer this era of the show. I only want to relive older episodes through the time loops, for the most part.

    Here’s a list of which three SFC seasons I think are the best. Listed from best to worst:

    #1. Season 3
    #2. Season 1
    #3. Season 2

    Here’s to, not only two-hundred more episodes, but a thousand more! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Palindrome Nov 14, 2013

    I really love what Adam said about God smacking him upside the head to convince him to listen to the SFC.

    The Multi-verse episode is one of my favorites for how hilariously crazy it is. Plus it has Raccoon Jesus. Wrong Ben, both clones episodes are excellent. Tolkien vs. Lewis was a great idea and it showed what the SCF can really do but listening to the episode was a tad frustrating, but it was early days so we forgive it. I would love to hear a redo episode for Lewis vs. Tolkien. Top 5 dreams was hilarious, it had a handful of trees.

    You guys cannot do a best genre fiction characters episode until you watch Supernatural (the first five seasons). The show has some flaws, but the characters are some of the strongest Iโ€™ve seen in any medium.

    You guys have already talked about wanting to make a book out of the Batman episode, I still think that would be awesome.

    Rather see the world devolve into cannibalism? I live in Maryland, does that mean I get to join Hannibalโ€™s cannibal clan?

    In the Top 50 Sci-Fi tv shows, you guys missed some (or just mine), because you didn’t include 17th Precinct, which only had a vote from me.

    I’m with Ben on the ellipses, ellipses indicate that part of a sentence is missing or has been removed.

    Matt is definitely within the profile for Bronies. It is an intelligent and well crafted cartoon, it just so happens to also be pink and about girl characters. I doubt that would deter him from enjoying it.

    Ben, the original Guinness probably wasn’t as good as what they’re making now, since they’ve had years to perfect it.

    It’s great to know more about Theo, the SFC August 2013: What Really Happened fanfic I was/am writing focuses on Theo.

    Great episode guys! Happy 200!

    • You’re writing an SFC fan fiction? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Palindrome Nov 15, 2013

        Ben asked for fanfiction to fill in what happened for the month long break during August. it was mostly about Theo kidnapping Ben and Matt because he had misunderstood Jesus’s message and wanted to continue Jesus’s plan to conquer and rule the world with Christianity. But it was too hard to write Ben and Matt’s voices correctly so I stopped.

        • Ben De Bono Nov 15, 2013

          Who cares if the dialogue didn’t turn out right or if it’s unfinished. Matt and I need to see this!!

          • Palindrome Nov 16, 2013

            Ooh, multiple exclamation points. When I say was/am writing I mean there are half a dozen detailed summary drafts and four attempts at an opening scene. But need is a strong word, and since it is necessary I shall endeavor to make it presentable enough to deliver to you. The real question is will I hold it hostage until you agree to my terms or hand it over free of charge?

            I’m just kidding, maybe.

  5. Ben is right, Palindrome! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope your story will see the light of day.

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