Episode 210: The Man-isode

December 8, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson, Ben De Bono, Erick Klein, & Brad Jorde

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4 comments on “Episode 210: The Man-isode

  1. Hey, this was a good episode, guys. I’ve been so busy, lately, I haven’t had much time to wander about in SFC land.

    I want to defend Aragorn from the LOTR films. Aragorn’s journey in LOTR is incredibly enduring. Throughout the films he is having a struggle within himself. From humility and doubtfulness, he wonders if he will be king. But when the time comes for Aragorn to claim his destiny, he does so with conviction. The scene with Elrond bringing the sword to Aragorn is fantastic and is one of the most powerful moments of the trilogy. His story is one of overcoming self-doubt and what appears to be the path you’re on, when your heart and destiny is on another distinct path.

    I understand Ben’s opinion and favoritism, but I do think his projection of Aragorn from the film trilogy is underwhelming.

    Also, Captain Picard is not a “butt-kicker”? Please…

    What makes Picard so excellent, is his craftiness to maneuver out of tense situations where violence is on the verge of eruption. Violence is never a force Picard clings to. It is always a last option. One which, due to his strength, is used very rarely.

    Discounting the movies, Picard can handle his own when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Picard totaled several Klingons in an episode, I believe. And Picard was a troubled youngster who would get into fights, eventually leading to his heart being run through by a Nausicaan.

    That’s what makes Picard awesome. He drinks tea, and kicks butt when he has to. But not because he has to rip off his shirt and punch a guy in an effort to prove to the audience he’s a man.

  2. Send the guys that haven’t seen Star Wars to me. I will pray for them and walk them through the Original Trilogy.

  3. Aragorn. No contest in my humbly honest opinion

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