Episode 272: Six Seasons and a Movie and Other News

July 18, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 272: Six Seasons and a Movie and Other News

  1. RE: Shannara on MTV, I am pessimistically optimistic. If all you have ever read is Terry Brooks’ original trilogy, (and let’s face it, if you start there making it through them is a feat in and of itself) then you have missed his best work. I absolutely loved the ‘Word & Void’ trilogy, and the ‘Genesis of Shannara’ trilogy was pretty good. They are prequels to Shannara, with W&V set in modern times. If they take more of his not-writing-as-a-teenager works and incorporate them into the series, it might be good…of course, it IS MTV, so, caveat emptor.
    RE: Saxon Chronicles/Tales … Hey, I heartily recommend reading a single book by Cornwell. That is all you will ever need, as they are ALL THE SAME, with different names and places. Read a Sharpe’s book, read a Saxon book, read a Warlord book, read a Grail Quest book, it is all the same story. (I haven’t tried Starbuck, so maybe that one pans out) Now, granted, it is a pretty good story, but it is about as formulaic as they come. I could tell you the formula, but that would kind of be a MAJOR spoiler. Wait, you think I am ranting? That I am upset? I AM! I think Cornwell has talent, and he sells out by cranking out the literary equivalent to a form letter. The only thing I see comparative between RRMartin and Cornwell is the attempt at gritty/realistic events, especially in regards to combat (for the characters not blessed with unstoppable-ness).

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