Episode 285: The Bible as Art

August 29, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 285: The Bible as Art

  1. Matt is WRONG! C’mon, man, if you aren’t introducing yourself in time with the music, the whole show is just …off. I might as well be listening to Strangers and Aliens or something.
    Ben, what nonsense is this ‘religion based on the Iliad’ stuff? Everyone knows the Odyssey is where it’s at.
    I grew up in a church that read from the King James Version, and went to a private grade school where we read the KJV. When I went to public high school and read Shakespeare, I was often the only one laughing at some joke or another. (“ha ha ha, he just called him a dimwit! ha ha ha”)
    As to aesthetics… I know that Constantine the Great gets a lot of flak, and some of it is probably deserved, but I completely understand the concept of building a grand basilica in order to show a minor preview of the Glory to come. (Matt, in case you aren’t up on it, Conny TG was the guy who converted to Christianity and allowed and sponsored it in the Roman Empire…also ‘founded’ Constantinople, and is blamed for ‘institutionalizing’ the Church) Not everyone is touched by beauty, but some people are, and if those touched by beauty are brought closer to a relationship with God through a magnificent building, intricate murals, stained glass, and so forth, then it is a noble pursuit.
    In much the same way, if I am reading from my HCSB for study, I will probably get more out of it than a KJV… but, there are times when I just want to bask in the magnificence of the Bible, and I don’t think there is a better English translation for that than the KJV. (Even National Geographic did an article on making the KJV, and put a Bible on the front cover)

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