Episode 321: Two Months of News and Other News

January 13, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Sci-Fi News from the last 2 months!

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One comment on “Episode 321: Two Months of News and Other News

  1. Matt, I liked the first several episodes of Sleepy Hollow, but I gave up on it before the first season ended. You know I don’t exactly fit Ben’s “if it isn’t brilliant why waste your time” mold, but it was just NOT compelling and went downhill fast.
    Next, why put several also-ran characters in the SUICIDE Squad movie? To give the movie false depth by killing them off, of course. (or possibly because a writer or producer really liked those characters, I guess that is possible)
    Lastly, I have a mental image of the Rock holding two sides of a rift together so citizens can leap to safety in the San Andreas movie… care to lay any bets on that?

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