Episode 332: Spider-Man Swings Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Other News

February 18, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Marvel and Sony have finally come to an agreement to share Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the latest news episode, we discuss that announcement, along with other news from the last two weeks.

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3 comments on “Episode 332: Spider-Man Swings Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Other News

  1. Just have to say it….Ben, didn’t you confidently predict this Sony/Marvel deal was never going to happen? I thought the same thing for what it’s worth. As long as the X-Men franchise stays separate, I really don’t care too much.

    Thanks for playing my lengthy message, guys, and I am glad that you find my fandom a complement Ben. I have a feeling many other agnostic/atheist SF fans would find the show equally illuminating and entertaining if they only knew what types of discussion were happening here. I voted to put the show in the “faith” category with all of your other dutiful listeners at the podcast awards, but why not a push to get a spot in another category next year to get the show exposure to a wider audience? As I said in my voicemail, it was only my interest in “Booth at the End” that got me listening, and it pains me to think of other needy SF fans in “Outer Darkness” as I was. (I know that’s a LDS church reference, and not even a good analogy, but i couldn’t resist.)

    Matt, listening to my voicemail I have to say I came off as a jerk with regards to you. My only defense is that…well, I am a jerk, much of the time. I’m working on it. I feel pretty lame about it. Just comes from being a born hater, I guess. Mea culpa. My ofter (from a very belated comment section from a ‘cast years back, don’t remember which one) to appear on the show and talk “Sliders” with you stands, if that helps any. Heck, If you’d be up for a guest host for “Lost part 4–What was actually good about Lost, despite the myriad problems”(with a better title, of course) — I’d do that, too. Ben’s hater nature didn’t help the quality of those eps. (Not that his criticism wasn’t 1000% valid.)

    And yes Matt, I was talking about the “Easter Eggs” you put at the end of many of the podcasts. I can’t believe Ben has never heard them! Shame on you, Ben! They are often the best laugh of the the episode–and I laugh out loud fairly often while listening along to The Sci-Fi Christian(WITH you not AT you, I promise). Speaking of laughs, y’alls are priceless. Ben, I’m glad you liked the “Baker Street Irregulars” quip. Matt, I hope I can crack you up sometime in the future.

    BTW, my “Don’t Feed the Beast” send off was a reference to a previous voicemail by another caller talking about search engines, not some random utterance that I happened to blurt out. Sounded a little dopey when I listened to it. And I can understand Ben not listening to the shows now. Hearing myself for the long minutes of my diatribe all I could think is “I sound old and tired.” Matt, I can’t imagine how hearing yourself for hours and hours during the editing process must be….does it make you self conscious when you are taping sometimes?

    Thanks for another solid episode guys, and enjoy that glorious Minnesota weather! I lived in Minnetonka from 1980-1984, and loved it…but I was too young to drive at the time.

    • Ben De Bono Feb 19, 2015

      Whereabouts in Minnetonka? I live closer to Elk River now but I grew up there

      Regarding having to listen to yourself, everyone thinks they sound dopey when they hear themselves. Don’t worry though. You sound fine to the rest of us. Hope you call again!

  2. Chris Pinkleton Feb 20, 2015

    I will have to ask my parents on the details of our location — I know the Mall of America went up about 3-5 miles from my old house. I went to Burwell (sp? Doesn’t exist anymore anyway) and Tanglen (the weird circle shaped school) growing up, if that helps.

    Don’t worry, I shall call again! My wife and I listened to my “moment of fame” and I dealt with it better than the first time. I just hadn’t heard an extended clip of my own voice in 20 years or so and needed to update my sonic self image.

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