Episode 376: Comic Con You Believe It?…and Other News

July 17, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

All the Comic Con news we thought was noteworthy!

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One comment on “Episode 376: Comic Con You Believe It?…and Other News

  1. Enjoyed your discussion, as always.

    I avoided watching the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer until I heard you all discussing it. To my surprise, it kind of intrigues me, mainly because I usually enjoy Will Smith. And I think you’re overreacting to the Joker’s appearance. It is the performance itself that ultimately matters, not the makeup and costume. Besides, the Joker is an unstable enough character that he could easily change his appearance on a whim or less, for no real reason whatsoever. Plus, check out this photo comparison that casts some light on Leto’s appearance: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/2/27836/639807-joker_veidt.jpg

    Ben, the only reason they’ve only sold us nostalgia regarding THE FORCE AWAKENS so far is that that is all they have to sell us. The STAR WARS brand is all they need. As you say, that doesn’t mean the movie will be bad; in fact, I am pretty optimistic it is going to be good. But I also think they are being very smart in how they market it. It means there will be (should be, hopefully will be) more stuff that is new and surprising on the screen come December.

    Matt, you hate BRAVE?!?! What gives? What’s to hate? Say more. I cannot fathom anyone hating that movie (unless they’re upset about Scottish stereotyping, of which there is a fair amount).

    Ben – Ditto on THE IRON GIANT. What is wrong with you guys?!? 😉

    I am Against THE KILLING JOKE animated film. Don’t know why this story gets so much love.

    (Got all excited for a second when Ben announced he was a Reformed man….!) 😉

    Good episode, guys!

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