Episode 417: Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown: 90-81

November 29, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Our listener voted Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown continues in this episode as we reveal entries 90-81!

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One comment on “Episode 417: Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown: 90-81

  1. What’s not to like about “Brave”? Ugh! You guys! I love “Brave.” Not only do we have a strong female princess protagonist who is *not* all about pink ruffles and waiting for a man, but we have an emotionally honest exploration of a complicated mother-daughter relationship. Couldn’t disagree with you more.

    There is no way “Generations” belongs on a list of 100 best sci-fi movies, but “ST:TMP” doesn’t get a nod. The injustice of it all! 😉

    I acknowledge “Clockwork Orange” as a technical masterpiece and an important movie, but no way on earth am I ever going to watch it again. I was sufficiently disturbed the first time through. One other intriguing aspect of that title, both in book and movie form, is the new language Burgess developed for Alex and his “droogs” to speak.

    Enjoying the countdown, guys!

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