Episode 456: Who is the Joker?…and Other News

April 1, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

DC Comics is about to reveal the true identity of the Joker. We discuss that and other news, plus we read more listener feedback!

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One comment on “Episode 456: Who is the Joker?…and Other News

  1. I work for you now? Those paychecks must have gotten lost in the mail… 😉

    Re: “weird” – Isn’t this why the Bene Gesserit stuff (at least in the 1984 movie of DUNE… I forget if this is from Herbert) is called “the weirding way”?

    Fun episode, guys, as ever.

    PS. Matt, did you check out the Flash’s recent guest appearance on Supergirl? I enjoyed it a lot but, then, I am predisposed to like Super-family stuff.

    PPS. Matt don’t quit!

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