Episode 483: Mighty Morphin Power Heisenberg and Other News

July 5, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

We have some pretty surprising casting news this week! Plus, we discuss lots of other things!

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2 comments on “Episode 483: Mighty Morphin Power Heisenberg and Other News

  1. I think Ben saying “What a buffoon!” should be a recurring sound clip. XD
    Yep, was just waiting for Nintendo to release next Zelda before buying a Wii U. Guess I’ll skip it.
    Recently watched season 1 of Person of Interest. It’s well done; Matt, I’d say it’s Arrow done right (said as a fan of the first two seasons of Arrow). Even with the long 23 episode season they do a pretty good job of steadily moving the overall plot forward.

    • I also loved the “What a buffoon” moment.

      Thanks for the recommendation, Brian!

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