GGB #5

June 30, 2011

What is Geek Grab Bag? It’s a collection of odds and ends found throughout the week from the Internet. Send in your submissions to be featured in future issues of the column to

Artist Matt Rhodes depicts a Disney apocalypse. It depicts Ursula, Jafar, and Maleficent battling as the Genie, Ariel, and Aurora fly off on a magic carpet ride into a whole new world.

Artist Otis Frampton created this Star Wars sushi bar illustration.

Admiral Ackbar Tattoo

In Cleveland, Ohio  a family displayed these homemade Transformers on their front lawn for Halloween. Check out some other homemade Transformers at Forevergeek

Make of this what you will.

Dave Rapoza created this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles illustration. Donatello was always my favorite turtle. It was his bow staff. There has recently been a lot of TMNT art popping up in art shows lately.

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2 comments on “GGB #5

  1. The Disney Apocalypse is pretty epic, but I’m going to have to declare the Ackbar tattoo my favorite item of GGB5

  2. haha. that is a great idea! 😀

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