John Carter Trailer

July 14, 2011

It will not be in theaters until March 2012, but the first trailer for John Carter has been released.

I am hopeful for this movie for two reasons.  First, it is directed by Andrew Stanton the man who when pitching Finding Nemo sold John Lasseter at the word fish.  And though it is not a Pixar film, Pixar leadership including Stanton are involved in this live action movie.  Disney is also hopeful with an option for two more John Carter films.      

I see aliens, swords and a world that needs saving.  I’m looking forward to Stanton’s leap into live action.    Are you, or is this just another Mars Needs Moms?

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5 comments on “John Carter Trailer

  1. I haven’t been very optimistic for this one, but that was a really, really solid trailer. If the tone of the trailer reflects the film as a whole this could be amazing

  2. yeah this looks incredible. i’m hopeful for this movie because it’s based on a classic sci-fi book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also wrote the Tarzan books. I have an omnibus version of his Martian Chronicles and i intended to read it about a year ago but got sidetracked by something else. man, i’m going to have to give these a read soon! they look incredible.

  3. Brandon Jul 14, 2011

    I know that the filmmakers changed the name of the film from John Carter of Mars to just John Carter because they feel that in terms of a trilogy he has to earn that title. So in this film he’s basically John Carter of Earth still. That said, I wish the trailer conveys that they are actually on Mars and not just some fantastical world. I’m just thinking about the general audience who does not read genre fiction.

  4. “John Carter of Mars” always reminded me of the famous “hot” Frank Frazetta covers; but I did never really read the books from Edgar Rice Burroughs. Do the books reflect Frazetta covers in any way, and the movie will also do so?

  5. Looks awesome!

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