Ridley Scott Signed on to Direct New Blade Runner Film

August 18, 2011

This past March Alcon Entertainment acquired the rights to make films based around Blade Runner. Well today Deadline now reports that Ridley Scott is now set to direct one of these films. Weather it is a prequel or sequel has yet to be said as well as weather or not Harrison Ford will come back as Deckard. Where this new project fits into his schedule of other films he is set to direct is also unclear. I love this! Blade Runner is one of my favorite films of all time. I would just love to see more of that slick urban decay that Blade Runner started. Scott is currently directing Prometheus, a film based in the universe of Alien. Now with him returning to the Blade Runner universe it is just nice to see Scott returning to his sci-fi roots.

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6 comments on “Ridley Scott Signed on to Direct New Blade Runner Film

  1. I can just say: WOW!!!

  2. Michael Aug 18, 2011

    I am surprised they are moving forward with this, although I guess I shouldn’t be, since Hollywood seems to have pretty much run out of new ideas. I hope it’s at least not a direct sequel, since Harrison Ford’s return would pretty much seem to force the issue of whether Deckard is or isn’t a replicant. I think he is, but there’s just enough ambiguity even still (after five cuts of the film!) to make the question all the more intriuging.

  3. as as Will Smith or Shia Leboef isnt Deckard, i’m cool with this! 😉

  4. as long as*

  5. The “problem” with Blade Runner is the versions: will it be considered the original Theather version, or the Ridley Scott’s Director Cut one, for the prequel/sequel? In the Director Cut, the Deckart question whether he’s a replicant or not is solved (for me at least), but this is not the case of the Theather’s version.

  6. As long as Ridley Scott is involved, I’m also fine with it (since my “WOW”). Otherwise, it could end as the Terminator franchise without James Cameron.

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