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14 comments on “The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

  1. Joshua Dec 19, 2011

    This may be SFC Sacrilege, but that preview just didn’t impress me…I dunno. I only watched it six times, not like DK, which I watched about sixty.

  2. I actually meant to say post that comment…crazy.

  3. Daniel Dec 19, 2011

    Was that Hines Ward going in for the touchdown?

  4. Michael Dec 20, 2011

    That’s one heckuva football game!

  5. 7-18 Ace Dec 20, 2011

    Why does the kid singing the american anthem sound british?

  6. By the way, did anyone else noticed that in the last movie,
    The Batmobile lost a wheel AND the Joker got away,
    just like the song?

    • Joshua Dec 21, 2011

      Not sure if Batman smelled, but if Nolan ever included Robin in his movies, it would definitely be a rotten egg.

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