Episode 96: Sci-Fi Feedback

December 16, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Koby Radcliffe

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8 comments on “Episode 96: Sci-Fi Feedback

  1. Hm… maybe my email never got to you. Sorry, guys. I think I used the contact form, so maybe it never got to you.

    Basically: I was saying that it was interesting that “Catholicness” was the first episode of the Sci Fi Christian that I ever listened to, considering that I’m going though a similar path and for similar reasons. Many of the things I disagreed with it turns out are not what the Catholic church believes. (For example, what it means for the pope to be infailiable, what it means for the Eucharist to be transubstantiated, etc).
    Also, for as much as the church is criticized for being conservative, in many areas it takes a mature, modern viewpoint – especially after Vatican II
    (examples: taking the style/genre into account when studying scripture, leaving space for the Holy Spirit to continue to act and guide in the church, realizing that science and faith are not mutually exclusive, understanding that God’s grace may extend to those who have – through no fault of their own – never had the opportunity to respond to the message of salvation).
    By the way, the Catholic Church also by this leaves room for those in the protestant tradition to be saved. Basically, they recognize that salvation is through Christ Alone – so it’s not up to the church, the pope, any denomination or ANY human to decide who is in and who is out. They also point out that being a “cradle Catcholic” does not get you in. It’s faith, shown by works, and I really appreciate that.

    Also, as long as everyone is buzz marketing their books, here’s mine:


    Enjoy the show. Keep it up.

  2. Michael Dec 17, 2012

    Yikes. I am wordy. I will have to be shorter in my comments! Thanks for taking the time to read it! Enjoyed the episode!

  3. Good episode. I really enjoyed it. For the record, though I used “The Other Guy” as an endearing term, I thoroughly enjoy Daniel Butcher as a host and am always pleased to hear him on an episode (probably due largely to being similar in age… I think, and disposition). Episode 100 better top this, jus’ sayin’.


  4. Daniel Dec 18, 2012

    Matt’s still wrong.

    After listening to Ben’s voice mail I am willing to say he might be a little right and Dr. No is post Skyfall! He found my logic whole around Moneypenny’s origin!

    • I’ve actually revised my thoughts a little bit about this . . . in our episode about reboots, over at Strangers and Aliens, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Reboots ( http://strangersandaliens.com/2012/12/ep-37-rock-em-sock-em-reboots/ ) I talked with Steve (who shares the theory that each James Bond actor is a different person with the same code name, something I debunk thoroughly) about the proof from Skyfall that makes it a reboot. It directly contradicts The World Is Not Enough in such a way that makes it a complete reboot, not just a prequel.

      Although, Daniel, I’m not sure why you are responding to something that was directed to the Other Guy . . .

  5. Daniel Dec 18, 2012

    I’m sorry, but I veto Robin as listner of the year, because I have feelings!

    RC – The Other Guy is becoming a term of endearment when coming from anyone but those guys! Twitterbot rocks!

    Mike – 100% right, we need superhero movies our kids can watch! PG-13 is not needed to sell tickets in my opinion.

  6. Palindrome Dec 18, 2012

    Matt, Ace is a girl, she complains every time you don’t remember, but that’s ok, I think it’s funny.

  7. Sorry, Ace. I’ll try to remember next time. 🙂

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