GGB #49

January 10, 2013

What is Geek Grab Bag? It’s a collection of odds and ends found throughout the week from the Internet. Send in your submissions to be featured in future issues of the column to

Alright everyone, in just a few short weeks, the Geek Grab Bag will reach post number 50! I am looking for many contributions for this particular post. Please email me and I will save your grab bag submissions for the 50th special!

There’s a Kraken my tub! (Found at

Bat’leth necklace: Wear it to battle! (Found at

It’s not east playing air hockey with yourself.

Now this would be an interesting crossover event!

This guy must have traveled far, far away to add these to his taxidermy collection. (Found at

I highly recommend them.

The Sci-Fi Has Been Talent Agency (Hilarious!)

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4 comments on “GGB #49

  1. Michael Jan 10, 2013

    Kraken or eldritch Chtuhulu monster? (Or is that ultimately a difference which makes no difference?)

    Another great selection, Max. Looking forward to the 50th installment!

  2. Star Wars + Planet of the Apes = Awesome.

  3. Actually, Predator could do a good singing telegram . . . his mimicking skills would mean all you have to do is sing the song for him and then he could perfectly mimic it when he got on location.

    Great video.

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