Episode 114: Superhero Spotlight on Aquaman

February 4, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson, Daniel Butcher and Ben Avery

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9 comments on “Episode 114: Superhero Spotlight on Aquaman

  1. Which superhero should we cover next? Sound off below!

  2. Semi-Contemporary?

    Captain Marvel (Sha-zam)


    Magnus Robot Hunter!

    Popular Appeal?

    Kitty Pryde (Make sure to cover Excalibur… one of my favorites)

  3. If you ever want to cover Guardians of the Galaxy sometime in the future, count me in! I’m so excited about the movie, but have only read a few of the connected comics. I own the first appearance of Groot, but that’s before he was a Guardian and i bought it because he was kind of a swamp monster . . . and I have the original Star-Lord comics, but I’m going to be diving into the Guardians of the Galaxy because of the movie . . .

  4. Michael Feb 6, 2013

    Surprisingly fun and interesting discussion, guys – not because I doubt any of you, but because I really had no interest in Aquaman prior to this episode. Good job at piquing my curiosity!

    I keep meaning to watch “Mercy Reef” – now I really must. (I have to say, too, not to be all superficial and stuff, but “Smallville”‘s Mera was way attractive.) Is that “Wonder Woman” pilot available (legitimately) to watch somewhere?

    I liked Flashpoint Batman, too, but be warned, folks, it is awfully dark. Good, but dark. Not for young readers, for sure.

    Nice spiritual applications, too. Thanks again for a great spotlight episode!

  5. A little late to this discussion but my boys were just watching the Justice League cartoon on Netflix. In the first season, episodes 6 and 7, Aquaman cuts off his own hand in order to save himself and his son from being killed by his brother. This led to his “hook hand.”

    Great discussion and got me more interested in Aquaman. I’m a new listener and I really enjoy the show.

    • Michael Jun 1, 2013

      Eric, in my opinion, no one is ever too late to any discussion at The Sci-Fi Christian! Glad you are listening – enjoy the show, the site, and welcome aboard!

      (By the way, I loved the JL cartoon take on Aquaman!)

  6. Eric…as you can tell, I think Aquaman is a great hero. So I love hearing you enjoyed this episode.

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